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Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick

  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick
  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick

  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick
  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick

Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick

Item #: twigz-gk-timber-sr

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Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick

  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick
  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick

  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick
  • Twigz Timber Sr. Goalie Stick


A GoalieMonkey exclusive, the Twigz line of sticks is designed to provide identical wood core sticks at a lower price point than the leading manufacturers.

Made in Canada, the Twigz Timber is constructed with top-quality materials, beginning with a solid aspen core paddle construction reinforced with full fiberglass laminates on the front and back for added durability. The shaft is constructed of a pro aspen wood core with carbon and birch veneer laminates, producing an ideal combination of stiffness and durability. The stick is finished with a solid ash blade, providing an ideal combination of value and durability.

For the goalie looking for a great alternative to the more expensive solid wood sticks from other manufacturers, the Twigs Timber goal stick is an unbeatable choice.

Twigz Measurement
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Monkey Measurement
25in. 26.5in.
26in. 27.5in.
26.5in. 28in.
27in. 28.75in.
28in. 29.75in.

What is the Monkey Measurement? The Monkey Measurement is a way to ensure proper paddle height while ordering online. Each manufacturer sizes their sticks in their own way, sometimes it can even be different between a company’s models. We have taken the guess work out of ordering sticks by measuring the paddle lengths to help you determine which stick size is best for you. We start our measurement where the paddle meets the shaft on the non-blade side of the stick and measure straight down the paddle parallel to it and end the measurement where this line crosses the bottom of the blade (see diagram). This enables you to measure your current stick at home and use that length as a point of reference when choosing a stick from our site.

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Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for not always true

I grew up in the age of wood sticks.. Ive used wood sticks all my life and quite frankly prefer them... While looking for a new batch of sticks I ran crossed and old friend of mine who was using Twigs foam core. He had nothing but praise for the stick... Logged onto G.M. site and seen that they offer the Twigs in wood "Timber".
I bought 6. I play 1-2 times a week and have yet to break one... Twigs are the best kept secret on the market... one of the better wood sticks and heck who can beat that price..

Review by Danger (Posted on 1/24/2015)

Great practice stick. On the heavy side, but it is fairly durable and builds up your stick side arm.

Review by hawkeye (Posted on 12/2/2014)
Not Worth 40$

I bought this stick looking for a heavy full wood durable stick just for practices... Not even a month in with this stick and the toe of the blade has split open and the paddle has a chip in it major enough to impair shooting with this stick. Not durable at all.

Review by Lynchy (Posted on 8/4/2014)
Best $50 bucks spent!

So after reading review after review of this stick, good and bad, I decided to go ahead and at least see what I thought for myself. I was not disappointed! In fact the first few shots I took stepping onto the ice with this stick for the first time were howlitzers. There were a few dents and dings on the stick, but it held up to the tasks at hand. Even after going for a poke check and the guy stepped on my stick in full sprint, the stick held up, barely a scratch in the paint after cutting through the tape. The repeated abuse from college level hockey day in and day out for the past 2 months has me to believe this is the best buy for its price! More like a STEAL!

This stick is tougher than it appears and is better than I ever thought it was going to be. This was intended to be my back, but now is my starter. Definitely a must buy!

The guys at TWIGZ know what they are doing!

Review by Crzynss (Posted on 5/2/2014)
Great stick for great price

Stick has great feel, nice momentum and is very solid. I have used it twice and it has taken a number of shots on the edges, no dings or bends from hard shots. It has a very good feel and is good and stiff so rebounds are very predictable as they come off the stick. Also very good for stick handling or sending passes up ice. I am very leery of composite sticks for in goal, and with these under $40 each, I'm glad I got the four pack. nay thing I would have liked would be more options, with less curve in the blade itself. A heel curve or almost straight blade would be perfect.

Review by Bikegoal (Posted on 4/17/2014)
Great first stick

Just finished the first game of the ball hockey season last night. This stick did me well as we tied 1-1 (the only goal scored was on a breakaway in the 3rd). The only thing is, if your stamina is not tops like mine, it is wood. My arm did start to get tire as the game went on. Maybe spend the extra few bucks and get a lighter material, but if money is a factor, this stick is just fine and will do you well. Buy with confidence.

Review by IPA Goalie (Posted on 3/31/2014)
So far, so good

I just used my Twigz stick for the first time and was very impressed. Obviously I can't yet speak to it's durability but it definitely felt solid it's first time out. I have difficulty spending a ton of $$$ on sticks because they can break on a fluke shot. I bought two of these for less than $40/stick and couldn't be happier.

Review by Pogoda13 (Posted on 3/15/2014)
good wood

awesome stick for the price.i have 27" T31 was using reebok 5k foam core.this stick feels lighter than my foam core and the wood feels quality, durable but light. been using for 2 months 1-2 times per week held up very well. ordered as a back up stick now it's my main one. was very surprised with quality vs. price. gonna order more twigz in the near future. like to try their composite or foam core,but i definitely like the wood.

Review by fbomb74 (Posted on 12/10/2013)
best choice

Used by first time today in a game.nice choice.good feeling
Dont want to use any other stick by now.and i got others.
Good curve. Great finishing.very hard wood.i tested when i saw the top
Now on. Twigz my first choice.good price.great stick,nice feeling

Big package.high taxes here.

Review by chucky the goal (Posted on 7/31/2013)

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