Warrior Ritual X3 Pro Senior Protective Neck Guard


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Warrior Goalie is pleased to announce the brand new and ultra-protective Warrior Ritual X3 Pro Senior Protective Neck Guard. This beck integrates high-end clavicle and neck protection without sacrificing mobility.

With proprietary X-Foam in a stretch fabric, the X3 Pro Neck guard covers the small gaps that today’s chest protectors have. The X-Foam sits just under the neck and spans out across the clavicle area to further protect the goalie’s vulnerable areas.

This foam is also found across the neck with a 2 inch tall collar that has a Velcro closure around the back. This taller collar provides more protection without interfering with the goaltender’s helmet.

Not only does the Warrior X3 Pro neck guard cover the vulnerable areas from rising shots, it is lightweight and flexible to keep the goalie comfortable. If you are looking for a high-end neck guard to provide ultimate protection, look no further than the Warrior Ritual X3 Pro Senior Protective Neck Guard.


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