Bauer GX Junior Goalie Glove

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Brand new for 2020, Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer GX Junior Goalie Glove. The GX Glove will feature designs from the Supreme line to make it the most broken-in and comfortable glove Bauer has ever created.

The GX Glove starts off with a crisp digitally printed graphic to increase a clean surface area. With the reduction of stitches and graphic, the weight is also reduced and gives the glove a lightweight feel on the hand.

Starting with the cuff, the GX will feature a 1-piece cuff to help any negative flex in the cuff and wrist, giving the goalie a clean blocking surface when they need to squeeze in tight. For the closure of the glove, the GX will feature a 75-degree style closure which will give the goalie the ability to catch the pucks above or past the fingertips.

Moving to the back of the glove, the GX has redesigned padding to help create strategic cuts to make the glove closure feel more natural. This Free Flex backside starts across the back of the fingertips and moves all the way up through the wrist which will give the goalie full range of movement to get their hand in position to make key saves.

Bauer’s GX glove features a thinned out Double T-Spine which adds more lacing in to the pocket of the glove. With more lace being added, it reduces the amount of plastics and materials to help retain pucks that enter the pocket.

Compared to the Bauer GX, the Bauer GSX features higher grade materials and construction, specifically within the internal build, protection and overall durability.

If you are an entry-level goalie who is looking for a reliable glove with key upgrades and details specifically geared toward a butterfly style goaltender, the Bauer GX Junior Goalie Glove will be for you.


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