Bauer GX Junior Goalie Leg Pads

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New for 2020, Bauer goalie has continued on with their revolutionary line and brought out the Bauer GX Junior Goalie Leg Pads. The Bauer GX will feature some key revisions and tweaks from previous Supreme lines to make it one of the most comfortable pads to date.

Starting off with the internal build of the Bauer Supreme GX, a dynamic flex core with an extremely soft above and below knee flex point makes up the overall flex. Further down, a soft boot angle allows the goaltender to comfortably get into their stance in any situation during play.

Flipping around to the inner edge of the Bauer GX Leg Pads, you will notice a bindingless knee and calf block design that provides the goaltender with solid landing surface when going into the butterfly.

Turning over to the back of the Bauer GX, you will notice an overly simplified strapping system compared to previous Supreme models. Top down, the leg channel features a standard knee Velcro which wraps directly behind the knee. Next, there is a large wide Velcro calf strap to keep the leg snug against the pad. With strategic cuts in the calf wraps, the removable elastic boot strap will ensure a tight fit against the leg while still providing enough freedom of movement during play.

The GX is outfitted with an added knee and thigh protector which provides extra protection to the top of a goaltender’s knee and thigh. This can also be removed or easily adjusted. At the toes, the stretch toe system allows for a much wider range of motion which eases stress on the goaltender’s knees and is much easier to put on than any other toe attachment system.

Compared to the Bauer GX, the Bauer GSX features higher grade materials and construction, specifically within the internal build, flex and overall durability.

If you are an entry-level goaltender looking for one of the most comfortable game ready pads on the market specifically designed for a butterfly style goaltender, look no further than the Bauer GX Junior Goalie Leg Pads.