Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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New for 2020, Bauer goalie has continued on with the highly successful Supreme line and brought out the Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Goalie Leg Pads. The Bauer 3S will feature some key revisions and tweaks from previous lines to further improve the Supreme line experience.

Returning from the previous Bauer Supreme Leg Pads is the construction process which has been a staple since the 1S pad. This technology called C.O.R TECH Skin technology which stands for Coefficient of Restitution Technology which allows for the highly customizable digital print signature designs.

Moving on to the internal build of the Bauer Supreme 3S, a 151 Degree core with a below knee flex point makes up the overall build along with an asymmetrical Curv composite thigh rise. Further down, a connect flex 125 degree boot angle allows the goaltender to comfortably get into their stance in any situation during play.

Flipping around to the inner edge of the Bauer 3S Leg Pads, you will notice the square knee block design with CORTECH ST landing area. The square knee block design with CORTECH will allow for a stable and consistent landing area with high durability throughout use.

Turning over to the back of the Bauer Supreme 3S you will find another major change. Starting off with the strapping system, Bauer has simplified the strapping by using the Tune Fit strap system to be closer to the 2X strap design consisting of a customizable Velcro connection that helps achieve a comfortable fit and secure the inner flap. Another great addition is seen as a strap just below the knee and above the calf area. This strap has been added to provide a closer connection to the pad that directly helps with rotational control when transitioning in and out of the butterfly.

Along the inner leg channel, you will find a butterfly assist calf pillow that helps provide higher stability when in a butterfly position while making it more comfortable. Up into the inner part of the knee stack you will find an all new material that will not only be more comfortable but also provide higher durability from the constant wear of dropping in and out of the butterfly.

Finally, down at the toe section of the pad, you will notice the offset stretch toe which fully replaces the need of skate lace toe ties. The stretch toe system allows for a much wider range of motion which eases stress on the goaltender’s knees and is much easier to put on than any other toe attachment system.

Compared to the Bauer Supreme 3S, the Bauer UltraSonic will feature higher grade materials and construction both internally and externally, along with the dimpled textured front skin which provides higher levels of durability.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender looking for one of the highest technologically advanced pads on the market specifically designed for a butterfly style goaltender, look no further than the Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Goalie Leg Pads.


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