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New for 2021, Bauer Goalie has again pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology that goes into a Goalie Pad. The all-new Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Custom Senior Custom Goalie Leg Pad builds off of the highly successful Bauer 2X Pro to bring every goalie a lightweight pad built for performance.

Pro Custom specifically offers a higher variety of spec options throughout the entire Pad along with exclusive zones that offer more color variety compared to the regular Hyperlite Pro Senior Custom.

Starting off with the face of the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite, the graphic is a simple yet very personable design that each goalie will be able to get behind and create a unique look. Throughout the pad you will see large zones that run in different directions through the pad that can be combined and tweaked to find the exact look each goalie chooses to achieve. At the knee, a slash-like design with three lines adds a perfect accent to a simplistic pad and acts a perfect visual focal point.

Moving on to the build of the Vapor Hyperlite Pro, Bauer has gone with an upgraded version of their C.O.R Tech technology with C.O.R Tech Plus for the material. This material is a highly durable skin that helps create better rebound that give the goaltender time to react and recover. Internally, a Rebound Boost Core featuring a Curv Composite thigh rise creates a sturdy yet flexible build for a very active goaltender who needs that bit of extra flex in their pad.

Looking at the side profile of the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite, you will see a thing design that helps reduce the overall weight of the pad. On the outer gusset, the profile thins out toward the top to help with an easier butterfly closure while helping cut down weight. Down at the boot, a Free-Flex 110 Degree Boot is 10 Degrees steeper than the previous Vapor pad and allows the pad to sit better on the leg of the goaltender and works better together with the pad tech.

On the inner edge of the Hyperlite, you will see the biggest changes to the pad in a couple areas. First starting at the knee stack, Bauer has brought over the Stabiliflex Knee Block which is similar to the newest Knee Block seen on the Ultrasonic pad. This new design is made to create a stable landing area that will be more durable in every way through time and use. Further down at the calf, on the inside of the leg channel, you will see the large Balance Plate Calf Pillow which creates a much more reliable landing area that will bring an all new level of comfort to the goaltender using this pad.

Finally, the strapping features the simple Tune Fit 2.0 Strapping System which works all with Velcro attachments strategically placed to give the best fit possible for any type of goaltender. Down at the toe, the same reliable Offset Elastic Toe System has made it’s return and will provide the same flex and performance a goalie needs when using the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pad.

Compared to the Pro Senior Custom Hyperlite pad, the Bauer Vapor Pro Custom Goalie Leg Pads will allow the goaltender to customize their pads deeper to find the exact spec list they need to perform at their peak along with a wider range of color options in certain zones.

If you are an elite-level goaltender who is looking for a top level goalie pad aimed to perform at the top level, with technology that caters to every need of the modern goaltender, look no further than the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Custom Senior Goalie Leg Pads.

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