Brians NetZero 2 Goalie Pad Color Kit


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Coming out with the brand new Brian’s NetZero 2 line, Brian’s is offering the NetZero 2 Goalie Pad Color Kit. This kit allows the goalie to easily customize their NetZero 2 pads, glove and blocker.

The NetZero 2 color kits are designed to fit each size. So if you have Intermediate NetZero 2 equipment, choose the Intermediate size range.

These precut strips are designed to fit flush on each of the graphics and are easy to apply with the provided application instruction. Each kit includes 18 total precut pieces that will provide the exact amount to fit on every graphic on the set. Full right and regular options included. You can add as many or as little strips as you would like so you can have your own custom look.

If you already have the NetZero 2 kit and are looking to customize your own style and color, look no further than the Brian’s NetZero 2 Goalie Pad Color Kit.

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