Brians NetZero 2 Intermediate Goalie Glove

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New for 2019, Brian’s Custom Sports has released their next generation in the Brian’s NetZero line. The Brian’s NetZero 2 Intermediate Goalie Gloves bring key similarities back from the NetZero glove and implement some key details to make this the ultimate catcher for a young goaltender.

Starting off with the face of the Brian’s NetZero 2, the graphic is made up of one large lightning bolt design that streaks through the thumb tip diagonally to the lower cuff. Two small accent streaks are added to each side of the cuff to create a simple yet great looking graphic.

Moving on to the build of the Brian’s NetZero 2, an HD foam construction is utilized to create a durable and lightweight feel for the goaltender. A one piece cuff design gives a naturally large appearance for better visual representation to the shooter. On to the pocket and closure, a single T creates a deep large pocket for the goaltender to further help with visual representation and provide a catching surface that will help naturally guide pucks in to the pocket.

Further helping the construction, a contoured thumb design is used to help deflect pucks in to the goaltender’s pocket. Finishing off with the pocket, this glove uses the 35 degree break angle that is also seen in the GNETiK IV and the Heritage catch gloves and is implemented to give the goaltender a full natural close with a middle finger to thumb closure.

On the wrist area of the NetZero 2 Intermediate, a floating wrist pad that sits slightly off the base of the glove is used to give the goaltender maximum flexibility when reaching toward pucks, along with a nylon strap pulls over top that is easily accessible for quick adjustments. On the backhand of the NetZero 2, a simple Velcro attachment secures the backhand and provides easy adjustments for comfort depending on how the goaltender prefers to wear their glove.

If you are an Intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for a lightweight glove that offers an easy natural closure that is easy to adjust for a perfect fit, the Brian’s NetZero 2 Intermediate Goalie Glove is the glove for you.


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