CCM Revolution 597 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Brand new for 2018, GoalieMonkey is proud to introduce our exclusive line of CCM Revolution goalie equipment. Throughout the entire line, there are redefined characteristics of traditional CCM models with upgrades in their design to make this one of the most unique models available for goaltenders.

Starting with the graphic on the CCM Revolution 597 Senior Goalie Leg Pads, we have reengineered the iconic Koho 590 graphic and utilized contemporary styles to create a stunning look. The Revolution 597 Senior will be a softer style build for goaltenders that appreciate torsional movement and flex but also still play the butterfly style.

On the face of the pad, the 597 Senior comes with flattened knee rolls which help provide more predictable rebounds while still keeping a hybrid and flexible feel throughout the pad. The entire line is stock with Speed Skin, which is CCM's proprietary material to aid in faster slides and increased durability.

Continuing on the increased flex in the pad, the 597 Senior comes with double internal breaks both above and below the knee to help generate a tighter closure at the fivehole. Externally, there is a single break below the knee to continue providing flex in the pad, but will help the pad hold its shape over time.

Moving to the back of the pad, our Revolution 597 Senior leg pad comes with a unique knee, leg and boot channel that has never been offered before on a CCM line. This specific design is for goaltenders that prefer a tighter fit, but do not want the bulk and weight of extra straps. Starting in the knee section, there is a redesigned Super Tight Fit knee section, however this spec has a reduced outer knee wing, similar to what is found on the Premier P2.9. The knee block is made with a suregrip material which gives goaltenders solid stability on the block when in all positions.

Down in the leg channel, the Super Tight Fit design continues, however it is entirely lined with a nylon material which provides a smooth rotation on the goalies leg. There is a tight inner and outer calf wing which provides support across the top of the calf muscle, so the pad does not feel sloppy when dropping down. On the outside of the calf there is a larger segmented piece, that is similar to what would be found on a Tight Fit leg channel spec. For those who angle their knee lock down to the calf, you will find an oversized patch of Pro Velcro so goalies can find their exact dialed in fit.

For the boot section, the 597 Senior has a different inner calf design which creates more room for the skate to engage with the ice. As seen throughout the knee and calf, the same nylon material extends in the boot to create a smooth feel against the skate, so the pad can transition in all movements.

On the back of the pad, you will find CCM's QK5 strapping with one knee strap which can be adjusted directly across the knee or angled down to the calf, another at the top of the calf and a removable boot strap. There are also three elastic straps with Velcro closures which keep the pad snug on the leg which are found out of the knee block, at the top of the inner calf wings and the middle of the calf connecting the outer most calf wraps.

Compared to the 597 Senior goal pads, the Revolution 599 Pro will feature higher quality construction with higher grade materials in both the outer materials and interior core.

If you are an Intermediate-Level goalie who wants an iconic look wrapped over the best combinations of the Extreme Flex E3.9 and Premier P2.9 specs, look no further than the CCM Revolution 597 Senior Goalie Leg Pads.

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