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CCM Revolution Goalie Equipment

Here at GoalieMonkey we are pleased to team up with CCM and bring out one of the most unique and exclusive lines of goaltending equipment, the CCM Revolution line, powered by Koho.

For years, GoalieMonkey has been the exclusive supplier of Koho equipment and we have continued that trend with this Revolution lineup. With a slight rebranding, the design, merit and intent of the Koho line has been to pay homage to years of high end design all packaged with high end specs. We believe that this is the highest quality Koho-inspired lineup that we have ever brought to the table and all of the specs, details and designs meet the needs of today’s goaltender.

Whether you are a butterfly style goalie, hybrid or just a pure gear enthusiast the CCM Revolution line has a sleek look with modifications and specs sure to suit your need.