CCM Premier P2.9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker

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Brand new for 2018, CCM has overhauled their flagship Premier line and brought out the CCM Premier P2.9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker. Building off of the already successful Premier line, the Premier P2.9 has new specs and pieces of technology sure to turn heads.

Continuing on the success of all Premier style blockers, CCM did not sacrifice their style and protection yet added new specs which create a different function. The first noticeable change is within the backhand wrist opening, now called the One Piece Cuff. The One Piece Cuff spec is a larger piece of foam that wraps entirely around the wrist and fills any negative space between the wrist and back of the blocker board. Goalies will notice this extra piece against their wrist, but it will not hinder mobility.

Next, CCM has redesigned the index finger portion on the Premier P2.9 sidewall and connection point for the index finger protection which is now called Curved Finger Protection. This spec is similar to what was on older model Premier blockers; however the redesigned sidewall coupled with the Curved Finger pad gives goalies added protection and seal along the stick.

Another change was done to the sidewall of the blocker. Now, CCM is offering a true bindingless blocker, not only on the face of the blocker but on the sidewall too. This provides the goalie with a very clean look, but it also improves the durability by removing the binding that used to stick out and get worn on the side of the stick.

The board itself is a thick board with centered hand protection which gives the goalie a natural feel and balance on the wrist. This board is very thick and helps launch pucks into the corner when angled properly. Finishing off the blocker is CCM’s suregrip material which has a slight tack to it, ultimately helping the goalie with the best grip on their stick throughout a session.

Last but not least, continuing on the weight reductions in the pads, CCM has reengineered the weight distribution and blocker foams to give a lighter feel on the goalies hand. This 24% weight reduction will allow for goalies to make even quicker blocker saves and easier stickhandling efforts.

If you are an Intermediate-level butterfly goaltender who is looking for the a natural feeling blocker with a large blocking board ready to send pucks hard to the corner, look no further than the CCM Premier P2.9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker.

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