Brian's G-Netik X5 Intermediate Goalie Blocker

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Brand new for 2022, Brian’s Custom Sports proudly introduces their newest pad line to the world; introducing the Brians G-Netik X5! While being custom designed in Canada, Brian’s has taken feedback from their pro advisory team and retail consumers alike to provide high end levels of equipment designed for today’s butterfly goaltender.

Following the success and popularity of the visual look of the G-Netik IV, Brian’s has added more color zones while keeping the long lines across the blocker to visually distract shooters.

The G-Netik V has a large HD blocking board, and a beveled nose which not only helps the goalies in their main stance, but it helps the blocker seal well to the ice in paddle down and RVH technique. Helping with this large square design is a redesigned, ultra ridged internally laced sidewall. The thumb has a unique reinforced and shortened shape for improved control with the paddle along the ice.

The palm of the G-Netik IV blocker features a neutral hand position that is centered on the board to provide complete balance and comfort.

The wrist strap provides an anchor point for the sidewall which helps prevent flaring and offers a consistently squared sidewall to create more rigidity and stability during use.

Hidden under the new wrist strap, Brian’s has included a traditional Velcro wrist strap to provide adjustability and comfort

If you are an advanced-level goalie looking for the best combination of a natural hand placement coupled with precise tightness on the wrist, the Brians G-Netik X5 Intermediate Goalie Blocker is for you.


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