CCM Extreme Flex E4.5 Junior Goalie Blocker

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New for 2019, CCM has developed their newest adaptation in the Extreme Flex franchise. The all new CCM Extreme Flex 4.5 Junior Goalie Blocker transfers puck momentum to propel pucks in to corners all with a balanced and lightweight design.

Starting off with the face and graphic of the CCM Extreme Flex 4.5 Junior Goalie Blocker, CCM has manufactured a large balanced blocker designed for redirecting pucks in to corners with ease. On the graphic, CCM EF4 has created a new visual look that utilizes triangle shaped large color areas, a long color zone to break up the outer side of the blocker from the inner side and then three long triangle accent streaks placed around the blocker which contain rippled lining throughout these three zones to create a shadowing effect.

Throughout the blocker, CCM has used their proprietary “SpeedSkin” synthetic stamped materials that creates a new level for style and function. It is designed to perform the best out of all materials CCM has to offer.

Continuing on to the face of the blocker, the CCM Extreme Flex 4.5 Junior Blocker has a thick board directly over the back of the hand, allowing the goaltender to redirect the puck in to the corners of the rink with precision and speed. The hand positioning of the palm is relatively centered on to the blocker to continue with the trend of being a well-balanced unit and provide precise blocking and placement of shots.

Next, the new Straight Finger protection on the CCM EF4.5 is a longer index finger piece which covers more of the opening where the stick sits in the sidewall. This piece is engineered to give maximum coverage on the stick and index finger to prevent any pucks from riding up the paddle into the finger, while still creating maximum movement and mobility to put the stick and blocker into the right position. The CCM EF4.5 has also added their quick release wrist strap to offer quick adjustments on the blocker for the goalie to get their own proper feel and most control for their liking.

Moving on to the base of the fingertips, CCM has upgraded their protection on the EF4.5 by adding two flaps that sit over top of the finger for more protection from wild deflections and pucks riding up the stick. On top of this reshaped finger protection, the CCM EF4.5 Junior blocker utilizes a low density foam wrap around the index finger to provide extra protection.

The palm over the blocker is now CCM’s Grey Nash material which offers a more comfortable handle and helps soften up the feel of holding a stick. Grey Nash also provides the proper amount of grip to hold a stick and not worry about the stick popping out their hands or not sticking when trying to poke check or play a puck.

If you are an entry-level goalie who wants a blocker designed for great rebound control and increased finger protection, the CCM Extreme Flex 4.5 Junior Goalie blocker is the choice for you.


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