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Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Equipment Combo

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Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads

Brand new for 2020, Vaughn Custom Sports is proud to unleash their newest version of their Velocity Line, the Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads.

With the Velocity line being the most accomplished and successful line of butterfly oriented pads in the last 20 years, Vaughn has made specific and key changes to the V9 Intermediate pads to enhance their visual look, slide and overall performance on the ice.

Starting with the graphic, the V9 leg pad features sharp and distinct lines to create a tall visual look. The inside edge is strategically built with Vaughn’s QuickSlide material which is visually and physically different from regular synthetic jenpro. This inside edge has also been reinforced with harder foams. With these harder foams and QuickSlide material, it creates one of the best slides that any Vaughn pad has ever had.

Internally, Vaughn has stiffened up the core of the pad, so the pad sits consistently on the goalie’s body over time. With this stiffer core, goalie’s do not need to worry about the pad shrinking as they will get the proper fit and feel throughout the entire life of the pads. The stiffer core also helps with kick rebounds out further than before. This will ultimately help the goalie get rebounds safely to the corner and out of danger.

Moving to the top of the pad, the thigh rise has been overly squared to help seal the five hole perfectly on the ice. The top binding has been reshaped and slightly recessed to help closure in the butterfly. While this might be a minor detail, it helps prevent the pads from poking into one another without losing coverage. The outer roll has been dramatically lowered in height to further aid in the closure of the five hole and even save weight. With the lower profile outer roll, the goalie can keep their stick closer to the pads.

On the back of the pads, there have been a lot of little changes which ultimately provide a large advantage to the goalie, a better feeling pad on the leg. At the knee cradle, there is new MSH3 material to help provide grip on the knee landing area, so the goalies knee does not slide around in specific movements. The MSH3 also has better durability than other nylon materials as it is more resistant to wear and Velcro. The outer knee cradle is still removable to provide the goalie the option to run the knee elastic across the knee or down to the calf.

Within the leg channel on the V9 leg pads, there are new materials which are designed to be more durable and resistant to wear over time. The calf wraps have been redesigned to better fit the goalies anatomical shape of their leg. Combined with this shape, there is a new calf pillow on the inside to provide support when the goalies in the butterfly. Yes, this pad comes without leather or nylon straps as there are specific elastic straps at and above the calf to securely hold the goalie’s leg in the pad.

Down at the boot, there is a new shape on the inside calf to help protect the foot and boot strap. This is meant to reduce wear further provide support to the goalie when in the butterfly. Finally, the goalie will find elastic toe ties and an elastic boot strap which helps keep the pad tight on the foot while still allowing the proper amount of movement in and out of certain movements.

Lastly, there are other notable changes to the outer edge of the pad. The entire outer gusset has been thinned out to create a lightweight build and provide a better seal on the goalie’s body. To close off the entire build, the thinner outer gusset provides the perfect flex that today’s butterfly goalie needs.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender looking for the best version of the Velocity pad to date, with domestic inspired materials and designs, look no further than the Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads.

Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Glove

Brand new for 2020, Vaughn Custom Sports is proud to unleash their newest version of their Velocity Line, the Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Glove.

The V9 glove is a continuation of the VE8 Pro glove and follows the feel of its predecessors. The V9 glove is cleverly disguised with a similar graphic to that of its V9 XP Pro counterpart. The graphic sits a top of a 2-piece cuff design which also differs from the V9 XP glove. Now, there are harder edges and lines instead of the smooth lines they were known to use.

First, the glove has a true 2-piece cuff and thumb mold, contoured to the shape of the hand to maximize surface area. Inside of the cuff and thumb is Vaughn’s carbon material which extends through to the palm further protecting the goalies hand. Extra finger reinforcements add to the rigidity towards the finger side which fights against potential finger curl. The V9 Pro features High Density foams to help protect the hand from pucks.

The inside of the glove features a full grip interior to give the goalie more grip while still offering the traditional Vaughn feel. Along the internals of the glove there are raised finger rails to allow for extra grip and strategic straps designed to further keep the hand in place. These straps are located across the back of the finger digits and across the back of the hand. Finally, a large dual wrist strap is attached to give the glove a completely custom and secure fit.

The glove now features an extra wide four piece backhand protector which is designed to give the glove maximum amounts of flex when being closed, but also protect the in any RVH setting or when covering the puck.

With much popularity on the VE8, you will see the same hybrid-esque Double T that carried over to the V9. This Double T files into a Single T where it connects to the perimeter. This design helps create visibility into the pocket, matched with a soft style catch without the extra bulk of 2 spines hindering closure.

Compared to the Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro glove, the V9 Pro Carbon glove will feature higher quality materials and a North American build.

If you are an intermediate-level Velocity enthusiast that wants a North American inspired build design, but met with a completely distinct feel and break angle, look no further than the Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Glove.

Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker

Brand new for 2020, Vaughn has continued one of the longest running lines in all of goaltending that has been developed and perfected over years of top-level play. The Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker simply enough, deserves the tag line No Testing Needed.

Right out of the box you will notice the V9 graphics that immediately give off a distinctive look and appeal. The graphics run vertically through the blocker with precise designs to give a familiar Vaughn look with a modern spin.

Looking at the face of the Vaughn V9 Blocker, you will notice the flat board design with a deep top bend for assisted puck deflection. Internally is a thicker foam board for increased stiffness and precise rebounds. Finishing off the face of the blocker, the face material is laced down to keep the materials tighter to the blocker and offer superior puck control.

On the back hand, a cushion pad provides extra comfort and protection when blocking in tight shots. Around on the side you will find added finger protection with composite core protection and specific areas like the index fingers provided with extra protection.

Finally, on the palm of the V9, a new palm design with changes in specific areas to provide the goalie with the best fit and comfort possible. This palm is made up of VX suede which gives the goaltender more control and grip over their stick to make key plays.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for a blocker with great levels of protection, designed to direct shots precisely where the goalie wants them, look no further than the Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker.


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