Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Senior Goalie Glove


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New for 2022, Vaughn Custom Sports has introduced their brand new evolution of the Ventus line. The Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Senior Goalie Glove continues to be one of the lightest gloves on the market while keeping the traditional Vaughn feel.

Immediately out of the box your eyes are drawn to the graphic, which is designed as a series of long color zones from the bottom outside of the glove, moving to the inside before shooting back towards the thumb blocker and finally moving back towards the center at the top of the palm, creating a wide look for the glove.

Starting at the cuff, the SLR3 Pro has changed to a one piece solid cuff which offers added protection, stability and a firm blocking surface. Additionally, a flared shape provides increased deflection and wrist mobility for the catch hand.

Moving to the palm, the SLR3 Pro features a molded palm for additional protection where you are taking the most shots. A wide notch at the heel is cut to improve stick control while stickhandling.

The pocket of the SLR3 features a single T, which increases stability, while a stock skate lace pocket in the web reduces puck spin, which in turn increases puck retention.

On the backhand of the SLR3 Pro, a neoprene flex inner hand provides comfort, security, and control. Internal wrist padding and a reinforced finger edge perimeter offers additional protection.

Compared to the Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Senior Goalie Glove, the SLR3 Pro Carbon features a domestic build with carbon and higher quality construction.

If you are an advanced-level goaltender looking for a lightweight and mobile glove with a one piece design, the Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Senior Goalie Glove is the glove that will let you play with “No Hesitation”.


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