Warrior Ritual G6.1 E+ Senior Goalie Glove

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Brand new for 2022, the sixth iteration of Warrior Goalie’s beloved Ritual line has arrived! Building off the rich history and success of the G3, G4 and G5 lines, the G6 is destined to join them in the pantheon of beloved Warrior gear. The Warrior Ritual G6.1 E+ Senior Goalie Glove is super-lightweight and designed to help goalies get the most out of their equipment.

Making its return from the G5 is Warrior’s CoverEDGE+ technology. Designed to maximize coverage via an innovative face forward design, the face of each piece of G6 gear is brought forward, cutting down the angle to the puck to let you get a piece that would miss traditionally designed gear.

The G6.1 E+ goalie glove features a sewn in palm liner in a 75 degree break. Inside of the palm is where CoverEDGE+ is visible with added materials that pushes the glove off the hand and closer to the ice. This helps for in tight situations and helps create a more natural hand position for the goaltender.

Around the entire perimeter of the glove, you will find Warrior’s clean construction which is essentially a bindingless style perimeter to help prevent any premature wear.

The AxyFlex Tee that was so popular on the G5 line makes its return on the G6.1 E+ glove, helping to keep a consistent shape and prevent the tee from collapsing in old age as you see on some other gloves.

The G6.1 E+ will feature a double tee pocket, and noticeably extended dimensions at the fingers to create a longer catching shape when compared to the G5.

For advanced-level goaltenders who want to elevate their game, you can’t go wrong with the Warrior Ritual G6.1 E+ Senior Goalie Glove!


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