Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Senior Goalie Leg Pads


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Brand new for 2023, Bauer once again pushes the boundaries of innovation with the all new Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads!

Starting with the build of the Hyperlite 2 pad, Bauer has hit with the SL1D3R skin that debuted on the Mach line, and it makes its return crossing over to the Vapor line. This material is lightweight and offers increased slidability and fast rebounds. The Vapor keeps its flat face design over a Rebound Boost (Soft) core, coupled with a thinner geometry for full leg connection and a CURV composite stiff thigh; all combining to form a pre-curved S shape with a dynamic flex profile.

Moving to the leg, the Hyperlite 2 offers an all new Tune Fit strap system with a new lower calf strap for increased leg connectivity. On the calf plate, Bauer has completely redesigned the plate itself as an updated version of the bracketed system originally found on the Mach pads; the Vapor will feature a hybrid Calf Support System with a single calf bracket for stable mobility

At the knee, Bauer has brought back the Stabiliflex knee block seen on the past few generations of Vapor pads, which is designed to limit over-rotation while still offering some flexibility. The landing now features another innovation brought over from the Mach line, the Stabili-grip material , which is a coated material on the surface of the landing area to keep the knee centered and connected to the block.

Finally down at the boot, a free-flex 110 degree boot is partnered with a soft flex for a flexible feel. Finally, a centered elastic toe system can be found for increased responsiveness and feel.

The better you look, the better your saves look. If you are an elite-level goaltender looking for top-end performance paired with a super lightweight design, look no further than the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads!


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