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Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Brand new for the Fall of 2018, Brian’s Custom Sports is proud to deliver another model of gear to the goalie world, the Brians G-Netik IV Pro. While being custom handcrafted in Canada, Brian’s has taken feedback from their pro advisory team and retail consumers alike to provide high end levels of equipment designed for today’s butterfly goaltender.

Starting with the visual look, G-Netik IV’s have an attractive graphic with loads of color zones to help create long lines across the goaltenders legs to help visually distract the shooter. Across the upper half of the pad, Brian’s has kept the concept of adding knee rolls to the pad, but has structured them in a new modern flare. These “knee rolls” can be found next to the BStar logo on the outer roll. While these knee rolls do not have a complete technical advantage, they do add to overall heritage of keeping the G-Netik pad as more of a hybrid, or torsional pad.

Internally, Brian’s have utilized their Torsion Flex technology to create a butterfly style pad with hybrid-esque features. This torsion flex can be found throughout the pad where the entire pad can twist and bend to follow natural movements on the goaltenders body to be able to make any save. However, once the pad is set, there is a strong seal to the ice and a rigid shape which helps keep pucks from squeaking through. On the inside of the knee section, Brian’s has added internal knee rolls which allow for the pad to flex and curl back to help close the five hole.

Building off of the continued success on the Optik, the G-Netik IV has the OptiSlide inner edge which has an entire layering of Primo material. Primo is designed to provide a superfast and easy slide across all ice surfaces, while having great durability in the seal on the ice. Primo can also be found on the top edge of the pad, inner thigh rise, lower calf wrap and boot strap pocket.

Keeping with the hybrid features, the G-Netik IV has an outer roll which is more defined when compared its Optik counterpart. This outer roll is beveled towards the inside to give the illusion of a wider outer roll while still being reduced to give some more blocking surface on the face of the pad.

Moving through to the back of the pad, Brian’s has reengineered their Smart Strapping system and simplified the entire setup. The G-Netik IV features a large Y shaped strap that runs from the inside to the outside of the calf. This strap can be internally adjusted to control the tightness on the leg. At the knee, there is a single knee strap which can be worn directly behind the knee or angled down to the calf. If you like to angle the knee down to the calf, the outer knee lock can be unlaced and removed to create a complete uninhibited rotation down to the butterfly.

Throughout the knee and leg channel, the G-Netik IV features a full layer of SBA material on the knee block, back of the pad, outer knee lock and even throughout the shin to help grip the goaltenders leg to prevent over rotation. Down in the boot, the G-Netik IV has primo throughout the boot to create a positive rotation for the skate to engage with the ice and also increase durability from the skate rubbing on the pad.

The boot and toe have some new updates which include Brian’s new Smart Strap toe cord which is made of an elastic shock cord. This Smart Toe design builds off of their previous generation which provides better durability and a more responsive pad. The boot section is finished with the Smart Strap boot which is made of a high end nylon designed to provide great durability but a lightweight simple strapping system to keep the foot in the pad.

If you are an elite-level goalie looking for the best combination of a butterfly oriented goal pad with hybrid features, all wrapped with simple smart strapping made in the Canadian factory, the Brians G-Netik IV Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads are for you.


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