Brians Optik 9.0 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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New for 2019, Brian’s Custom Sports has released their second tier model of the widely popular Brian’s Optik line. The Brian’s Optik 9.0 Senior Goalie Leg Pads are a mix between the Subzero and G-Netik lines to bring key elements out of both models to continue to reach new levels of creativity and function.

Starting off with the face of the Brian’s Optik 9.0, the graphic features a large main color zone that starts at the bottom of the pad and extends most of the way up the pad before turning to the outside edge. Several small accent graphics are placed throughout the pad to give variety on customization and visual design. Moving on, the outer roll is dramatically thinned out to reduce weight and allow for better five hole closure.

Looking at the outer shape of the Optik 9.0 senior, you will notice the pre-curved design due to the internal breaks that are similar to the Optik “FLX” option that features a double internal break with an 80 degree toe taper. This design offers easier transitions in and out of the butterfly with harder rebounds to help direct pucks naturally in to the corners of the rink.

Next on to the inside edge of the Brian’s Optik 9.0 Leg Pads, Brian’s has used their Primo material that helps make butterfly slides easier and more efficient. This sliding edge also features a pro binding design where the binding is recessed into the pad with the slide plates over the top to optimize the sliding surface for efficiency.

Moving on to the back of the Optik 9.0 leg pads, Brian’s has used a slightly wider leg channel than the previous model to allow for a comfortable fit throughout the leg pad. On the knee cradle, Brian’s has used a laced in design to help keep the knee block tight to the pad along with nylon on the inner landing surface to give the goaltender a comfortably landing they can grip to when in the butterfly. This knee block features a 45 degree angle in the top edge that helps create space for the goaltender during movements to lower the chance of interference between the leg pads.

On to the strapping of the Optik 9.0 Senior, it starts with a knee strap on the knee block that can be reversed in case the Velcro wears down over time to improve the durability of the strap. This strap can also be angled down or straight across according to the goaltender’s preference, allowing any goalie to feel comfortable in the Optik 9.0. On to the calf strapping, Brian’s has provided a Smart Y Strap on the inner part of the calf to pull the the calf wrap in to create a balanced fit on the leg pad. This Y strap allows for a customized fit due to the adjustability of the straps and the large connecting area. Completing the leg strapping, a final strap over top pulls the sliding edge in place and closes the leg channel.

Finally, Brian’s Smart Boot Strap is featured and is made with high-grade nylon that is commonly used in seat belts to provide the durability the goaltender needs in a boot strap. This strap is fully adjustable for the goaltender to help find their most effective fit and feel. The final touches of the strapping comes with the Smart toe set up that features an elastic build to provide consistent tension that allows the goaltender to get effective pushes.

If you are an intermediate-level goalie who is looking for a lightweight pad that offers a customized fit with adjustable strapping options, the Brian’s Optik 9.0 Senior Goalie Leg Pads are the pads for you.

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