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Goalie Gear – More Than What the Typical Player Requires

Goalie Gear – More Than What the Typical Player Requires

Goalies need more gear. It's as simple as that, and when it comes to purchasing goalie gear, you want to get gear that is going to be long lasting and durable. The goalie's gear takes more of a beating than other players' gear, and the goalie has to deal with flying objects. In order to protect the goalie, they require specialized gear to assist them.

Goalie gear includes additional and specialized padding, goalie sticks, goalie bags, goalie masks, goalie jock straps, cups, and other accessories they deem necessary. They also need a catch glove to block the puck or ball.

Quality goalie gear equipment packages can be purchased together so that you can get a better price. These affordable goalie gear packages include goalie leg pads, goalie blockers, and goalie catchers. Each piece of protective goalie gear includes unique features to assist the player.

Goalie leg pads often include adjustable knee locks and knee lifts as well as a knee system that ensures the player has a full range of motion in their legs. They may also include leg stabilizers and thigh guards. A goalie blocker features overlapping finger protection and adjustable cuffs. The goalie catcher features a deep pocket for catching the puck or ball as well as adjustable wrists and cuffs.

Each piece of protective goalie gear provides the goalie with not only protection from a flying ball or puck, but turns the goalie into an important player for the team. The goalie has the ability to catch the ball and the padding serves a dual purpose in that it is protection, but also assists the goalie in blocking the net.

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