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Hockey Goalie Equipment – Superior Protection

Hockey Goalie Equipment – Superior Protection

Hockey goalie equipment is very different from that of other players. This is because the ice hockey goalie has a rather dangerous job. Stopping a frozen puck going a hundred miles per hour at you requires specific hockey goalie equipment designed for comfort, warmth, and protection.

To prevent injuries, many of which can be life threatening, the goalie uses high-quality hockey goalie equipment designed to prevent serious threats on the person's life from the puck as well as turn him into an important playmaker.

An important part of the hockey goalie equipment is the chest protector. This vest is made of molded plastic. It features specialized elbow pads as well as arm protection. The chest protector is lightweight, as well as an effective block between the puck and the body that still allows the goalie an adequate range of motion.

Ice hockey goalies also require specific helmets. These are designed to be lightweight, yet highly protective. The inside of the helmet has shock-resistant foam cushion and sweat absorbing bands. The face cage is a wire net made of unbreakable steel. When you purchase this piece of safety hockey goalie equipment ensure both comfort and safety levels.

Another safety piece of hockey goalie equipment is a throat protector. These protect the goalie from direct shots that are at neck level. They also help to protect from any abrasions caused by the helmet.

Goalies also require leg pads hockey goalie equipment. These cover the calf and the shin, as well as the thigh. Many close at the feet to protect the toes and feet from the puck.

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