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Customized and Full of Personality: Hockey Goalie Masks

Customized and Full of Personality: Hockey Goalie Masks

The modern hockey goalie masks were design by Greg Harrison about thirty years ago. Before the modern hockey goalie masks were constructed, players wore flat Fiberglas masks, and Harrison was the first to develop a mask that had the cage design.

A native of Ontario, Harrison took his hockey goalie masks a step further by creating a work of art out of them. The design of the mask was so that it would look appealing not only on the ice, but also on the camera. Harrison added graphics to the masks that were often hard to discern until the camera zoomed in on the goalie. Several different professional players wore these designs in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Even today, Harrison continues to create unique hockey goalie masks for professional players.

Quality hockey goalie masks provide both a function as well as looking unique. You can purchase different kinds of hockey goalie masks online. There are also several painted hockey goalie masks available to you. These may include a variety of designs including skulls, monkeys, fire, stars and stripes, camouflage, or just your basic colors of black or white.

The great thing about hockey goalie masks is that they allow the goalie to have a personality on the ice. Many players are well known for their playing ability based on how well the shoot and control the puck, but for the goalie it is difficult to have the same presence on the ice. The painted hockey goalie masks allow you to emit your own presence through a uniquely different mask.

You can find several custom hockey goalie masks on Here you can have a mask custom painted or choose from several pre-painted designs.