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The Outer Roll Episode 5: Spencer Freer (Bauer Goalie)

MonkeySports’ Graisen Eatchel and Jason Felts get right into the action giving some insight into where the name and logo for “The Outer Roll” originated before hopping into the interview with Spencer Freer from Bauer Goalie. (7:33) The gang immediately hops into Spencer’s career and how he ended up in hockey and more specifically with Bauer then hops into stories about the excitement that comes with hockey gear. (23:20) They then get into Bauer’s brand new UltraSonic and GSX lines and take a deep dive into what Bauer was thinking during the development of these lines as well as a behind the scenes look as to how a Bauer pad is created. Be sure to use promo code Podcast10 on your next order at GoalieMonkey.com for 10% off your entire order!
June 12, 2020

Failure to Advance Podcast

In special 5-Friday months, we’re offering our 5th show, Failure to Advance! Featuring Graisen, Hank, Jason, Tyler, and Will, the group talks about everything from the recently announced NHL format (1:43) to which sports video games should be remade (24:51), and everything in-between. Be sure to follow @MonkeySportsPodcast for podcast-specific content from each show, and use promo code Podcast10 at BaseballMonkey.com, HockeyMonkey.com, GoalieMonkey.com, and LacrosseMonkey.com for 10% off your entire order!
May 29, 2020

The Outer Roll Episode 4: Alex Rigsby Cavallini

MonkeySports’ Graisen Eatchel and Jason Felts get into a few quick updates before hopping in to the interview with Alex Rigsby Cavallini (3:47). They hop around a ton of different topics starting off with a little Olympic talk with the news of a year delay on the 2020 Summer Olympics and some quarantine talk. (8:28) Alex Rigsby Cavallini then speaks on her time as a Wisconsin Badger and into the NHL All-Star game. (11:37) She then talks about how the PWHPA formed after her time with the Calgary Inferno of the CWHL and receiving the news that her league had collapsed on the way to the 2019 World Championships. (17:08) They then circle back to Alex Cavallini’s early years as a goaltender and how her relationships with different teammates such as Kendall Coyne Schofield and Brianna Decker developed over the years from young teammates into Olympic Gold Medalists. (30:28) She then circles back into the 2018 Olympics and tells about her experiences on the way to the Gold Medal. (34:26) They then finish up by talking about the 2019 Gold Medal World Championships in Finland, telling her side of one of the craziest games in recent history.
May 11, 2020

The Outer Roll Episode 3: Kirk Allen (Warrior Goalie)

MonkeySport’s Jason Felts and GoalieMonkey’s Graisen Eatchel talk about what it’s like being able to demo gear and give a behind the scenes look into the MonkeySports life before hopping into the interview with Kirk Allen from Warrior Goalie (8:57). We start off by introducing Kirk Allen with a little background on what he does for Warrior Goalie before hopping into gear talk. We discuss what the concept of CoverEDGE+ means and stories from the development stages of the 2020 lines (11:57). We then hop into specifics on the G5 Leg Pads (19:20) and the F1 Helmet (27:00). Lastly, we discuss fan questions submitted by our listeners (33:10). For more on the Warrior 2020 line including Glove, Blocker, Stick, Chest Protector, and much more, head over to our YouTube channel for the full video version!
March 13, 2020

The Outer Roll Episode 2 Ev Bommarito (Vaughn Custom Sports)

MonkeySport’s Jason Felts and GoalieMonkey’s Graisen Eatchel discuss the process of buying pads as a consumer from a few different points of view. They then give tips about finding what set of gear is right for you with the help of Goaliemonkey’s Goalie Days (8:10). Ev Bommarito from Vaughn Custom Sports discusses his entry to the world of goalie. (10:50). During this interview, Jason, Graisen and Ev chat about the upcoming Vaughn V9 gear line (26.25) and help give some insight into what is to come from Vaughn Custom Sports.
February 14, 2020

The Outer Roll Episode 1: Nicole Hensley

MonkeySport’s Jason Felts and GoalieMonkey’s Graisen Eatchel discuss the goaltender selection process for Junior and College hockey along with some insight on the all new True AX Series sticks (12:10). They then introduce Olympic Goaltender Nicole Hensley for this week’s interview (14:50) which she chats with Graisen Eatchel about her overall life story in hockey up to being selected for Team USA (21:40) and heading to PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Nicole then dives into her experiences with the NWHL Buffalo Beauts (25:21) before getting into some gear talk (36:22).
January 20, 2020

GoalieMonkey Chats: Francois Brassard

We are proud to introduce our very first installment in an all new blog series, GoalieMonkey Chats. In this all new segment, we take the opportunity to talk to some goalie’s from around the world and really focus on the gear they currently use and gear they have used in the past. We also take the time to talk about their career as a goaltender and listen to their stories on how they ended up where they are today.
June 7, 2019
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