Tour Volt LG72 Senior Roller Hockey Goalie Skates

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Building upon their innovative Volt Player Skates, Tour is bringing their premier skate line to the Goalie market with the Tour Volt LG72 Senior Roller Hockey Goalie Skates.

Instead of just copying over the player skates, Tour worked with inline goalies to specifically design a skate for inline goalies. The Tour Volt LG72 skates are loaded with the latest technology to keep you fast and nimble in the crease.

With their newest feature, D-fender, no longer will you have a problem with your pad straps catching on your wheels. A first of its kind, D-fender is a fender located above the first wheel that blocks any form of friction from goalie pad straps. This will take your mobility to a whole new level. Along with the D-fender feature, Tour is using a custom reinforced ankle stabilizer and lateral support system which will allow you to "Feel the Floor" better than ever. This amount of feeling and control throughout the Tour Volt LG72 skate will help you up your game in every level.

Moving to the interior of the Tour Volt LG72 skate, the DryWick Quilted Comfort Lining will keep your foot comfortable and dry while playing. For maximum comfort and fit, the boot will be thermoformable to help shape the interior of the skate to the unique shape of your foot. An adjustable felt tongue will further customize the way the skates fit.

Finally, moving down to the wheels and chassis, the Tour Volt LG72 skates will have a lightweight Predator 9 frame. This frame will be a low-profile aluminum frame that will help you stay low and maintain your stance. Combine that with new Kemistry wheels that are engineered to be the perfect size and grip for goaltending, and super-fast and responsive Bevo Gold-9 race rated chrome bearings, and you will find that movement and speed will not be hindered when making saves.

If you are a roller hockey goalie looking for high-level performance, fit, and maneuverability, look no further than the Tour Volt LG72 Senior Roller Hockey Goalie Skates.


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