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Exclusively to GoalieMonkey, Vaughn Custom Sports brings a unique combination of technology and feel to their retail offering. New for 2019, the Pro V Elite 2019 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pad encompasses the best of the Velocity and Ventus franchise all together under one special graphic.

Visually, the PVE 2019 features a graphic split into two large zones, yet separates them by a “distracting” break similar to what is found on the VE8. With six zones across the face of the PVE 2019 pad, the goaltender has options to create their own unique look.

The face of the PVE 2019 leg pad features a lot of similarities to that of the VE8 pad, yet there is a key difference for today’s goaltender. Right at the knee section, the PVE 2019 has a large flat section similar to that of the old Velocity V6 2200. This flat knee section allows for goaltenders to have the same flex and feel they are used to in the Velocity line but now have better predictability to drive rebounds hard and away from the body.

New to Vaughn Custom Sports, is the proprietary use of their QuickSlide material throughout the entire inner gusset. This material features a specific weave pattern with a “glass” like coating which makes for a super smooth slide and unrivaled durability.

Turning the pad around to look at the leg channel, the PVE 2019 leg pad features a Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon style leg channel. This design would be for today’s goalie who prefers a snug fit with all elastic strapping all encased in a softer style rebound pattern.

In the knee section of the pad, Vaughn has used a high grade MSH3 material that will allow for the knee to land properly on the knee block, and not slide around in transitional movements. On the outside of the knee, there is now a removable knee flap which will work very well with either setup of the knee lock running behind the knee or down to the calf. In the calf section, the PVE 2019 features the Rotation Reaction Control strap or RRC which allows for the pad to sit above the calf muscle and to not slide down on the leg, further securing the leg. This RRC strap is setup by a buckle and soft foam which provides a snug fit with great durability and no risk of loosening during play. Now, the RRC is adjustable or removable depending on the goalies preference.

Throughout the calf, Vaughn has beefed up the inner calf wrap which now fully wraps around the back of the goaltenders leg to give more protection, a tighter connection and a comfier feel. At the bottom of the calf, there is a “double back” Velcro strap that can be adjusted easily to continue the connected feeling throughout. With a fully elastic strapping system, this makes the PVE 2019 one of the lightest and easiest pads to put on.

Lastly, the boot section features a very clean open area which allows for plenty of freedom of movement on the ankle so it does not get caught up during movements. The boot strap is made of a hybrid elastic/leather setup where the strap itself clips in like a traditional leather strap, but features elastic in the middle which promotes more freedom of movement while still keeping the pad anchored to the foot.

If you are an elite-level goaltender, looking for a simplified elastic strapping system with the renown feel that Vaughn is known for, look no further than the Vaughn Pro V Elite 2019 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pad.


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