Warrior Ritual GT2 Junior Goalie Blocker

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Brand new for 2019, Warrior Goalie is proud to introduce the 2nd generation of the Ritual GT line and showcase the Warrior Ritual GT2 Junior Goalie Blocker. The Ritual GT2 Junior is designed for today’s goaltender that is looking for a light blocker with key upgrades specific to the younger goalie.

Starting with the graphic, Warrior has reshaped the graphic to create a long, clean and sleek visual to make the goaltender look taller.

Pairing with the graphic is an entirely bindingless blocker face that goes around the full face of the board. However, there is a binding along the sidewall which helps provide durability with prolonged use from the stick rubbing against the sidewall.

The sidewall is specifically designed to rest comfortably against the stick and to provide extra protection. This GT2 Junior palm is a uniquely designed with specific grip and thickness for the younger goaltender so they will be able to hold their stick well throughout use.

The GT2 Junior blocker features an open and angled wrist cuff, which allows the goaltender to get their hand in the right position to make key saves. Also, this cuff shape provides ample room for the goaltenders chest protector to integrate into the blocker so there are no issues during play.

If you are an entry-level goaltender looking for a lightweight blocker with all of Warrior Goalie’s technology designs, while all being designed for today’s younger goalie, the Warrior Ritual GT2 Junior Goalie Blocker is for you.


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