Odor Crusher Ozone Gear Station


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When you can’t fit the equipment into the washing machine, hang it in the Odor Crusher Equipment Closet to get rid of bacteria and unwanted odors. With the touch of a button, you can begin to “clean” any item. The closet is complimentary to all carbon/silver lined scent control garments and can extend the life of the garment with reduced laundering. The adjustable heavy-duty shelving allows you to use as storage in the off season when items aren’t in use.

Constructed with a heavy-duty zipper and liners, the Odor Crusher Ozone Equipment Closet is extremely durable and has a roughly 20-year life expectancy. The closet is portable and very easy to assemble. Its maintenance free ozone generator makes it extremely easy to keep your gear odor free.

The Odor Crusher Ozone Equipment Closet is measured at 68” x 45” x 20”.


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