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Goalie Masks & Accessories

Coveted Goalie Masks

Buying a Hockey Goalie Mask

When deciding to purchase a hockey goalie mask, the first thing you must know is that there are masks made for every skill level, every age and every budget. Be sure to look for something protective, comfortable, and that doesn’t break your bank account.

At GoalieMonkey, we offer the largest selection of goalie hockey masks by top brands including Bauer, CCM and Vaughn. These masks are available in a variety of sizes including senior, junior and youth.

When searching for a goalie mask, recommends that each goalie be sized by his local hockey shop. If this is not possible, we do offer some sizing charts to help find the perfect mask.

If you’re looking for a Pro level goalie mask, check out some of our top models like the Bauer 961, Vaughn 9500, or CCM Pro. If you’re looking for the perfect Sr. level mask, well, we got that too. Check out our Bauer NME 7, Vaughn 7700, or our CCM 9000.  Or if you’re just starting out, no problem, we have a mask for you too. Take a look at our Bauer NME 3, Vaughn 7500 or CCM 7000.

We know finding the perfect mask can be difficult. Since everyone has a different shaped head, masks will fit differently from person to person. Luckily for you, GoalieMonkey offers a wide selection of goalie masks to fit your needs. We have top of the line masks available as well as clearance masks at amazing deals. GoalieMonkey has the best deals on hockey goalie masks around.