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Learn About Hockey Goalie Blockers

Hockey goalie blockers are vital for goaltenders, designed to deflect pucks and protect the hand. Constructed from high-impact foam and durable materials, they cater to a wide range of sizes from youth to adult players. The design accommodates different hand orientations for a comfortable and secure fit, crucial for both safety and effective gameplay. With regular maintenance, the lifespan of these blockers can be significantly extended.

How to Size Hockey Goalie Blockers

Selecting the correct size for a hockey goalie blocker is vital. Sizes range from senior to youth, each designed for specific hand sizes and arm lengths. A well-fitting blocker aligns with the arm and hand, allowing the fingers to reach the end of the glove comfortably.  It’s important to note the difference between regular and full right fits: regular blockers suit players who hold the stick with their right hand, while full right is for those who use their left.

Hockey Goalie Blockers FAQs

Why are goalie blockers curved?

Goalie blockers are curved to increase the surface area for better puck deflection, guiding pucks away from the net more effectively.

What is the difference between a full right and a normal goalie blocker?

As indicated in the “Learn” section, a standard goalie blocker is designed for right-hand stick users, while a full right blocker is for left-hand stick users, accommodating different hand orientations.

Does play stop if the goalie loses the blocker?

Play generally continues if a goalie loses their blocker unless there is an immediate safety issue or the puck leaves the play area.

How often should a goalie blocker be replaced?

The replacement of a goalie blocker depends on its wear and the level of protection it offers, varying with usage and care.

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