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Learn About Senior Goalie Blockers

Senior goalie blockers are specialized equipment for adult players, focusing on enhanced protection and puck deflection. They fit adult hand and arm sizes and are made from robust, impact-resistant materials like leather or synthetics. These blockers balance durability and control, with a lifespan influenced by usage and care. They come in regular fit for right-hand stick handlers and full right for left-hand handlers, catering to different player preferences.

How to Size Senior Goalie Blockers

Sizing senior goalie blockers involves ensuring a snug fit where the player's fingers reach the end of the glove comfortably. Suitable for adult players, the choice between regular and full right fits depends on the player’s dominant hand for stick handling: regular blockers suit players who hold the stick with their right hand, while full right is for those who use their left. 

Senior Goalie Blockers FAQs

What are the best brands for senior goalie blockers?

Top brands for senior goalie blockers, such as Bauer, CCM, and Warrior, are renowned for their quality and durability, offering advanced features suitable for adult players.

When should you choose the full right vs regular fit of the senior goalie blocker?

Opt for a full right senior goalie blocker if you handle the stick with your left hand, and a regular fit for right-hand stick handling, ensuring optimal control and comfort.

How are senior goalie blockers maintained?

Maintaining senior goalie blockers involves regular cleaning, drying, and storage in cool, dry places to extend their lifespan and maintain their condition.

How often should a goalie blocker be replaced?

Replace a senior goalie blocker based on wear and tear and the level of protection it provides, which varies with use and maintenance.

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