Vaughn Velocity V10 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Blocker


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Vaughn's V10 Pro Carbon blocker is built to offer a lighter, more streamlined package, while preserving the Velocity line's plush, controlled feel.

Board Construction
Molded Board Core w/ 17mm HD Foam: Beneath its distinctive graphics, this blocker is built around a rigid core, padded with 17mm (~ 2/3") of high-density impact foam. In practice, the V10 PC blocker's rigid core pops high-speed pucks off its surface; complimented by HD foam layering to absorb the pucks energy and keep rebounds more manageable.
Deep Flare Board: Carried over from the V9, the V10 Pro Carbon preserves its focus on directional rebound control with a deep flared board. Compared to Vaughn's SLR blockers, the Velocity board's deeper, less-aggressive flare gives goalies a greater surface area to place rebounds.
Pure Carbon Reinforced Board: The V10 Pro Carbon blocker is layered with a high-strength, ultra-lightweight carbon composite. Unique to Vaughn's Pro Carbon blockers, the Pure Carbon reinforcement further helps this blocker pop pucks away and improves overall longevity.
Pro-Spec Domestic Construction: Built to compete at the highest levels, Vaughn's "Pro Carbon" pads, gloves, and blockers are made in London, Ontario and Oxford, Michigan to the same standard as their pro-spec pads.

Hand Protection
HD Side & Finger Protection w/ Carbon Reinforcement: Not only reinforcing the V10 Pro Carbon's board, the V10 PC blocker's sidewall is layered with high-density impact foam and topped with Vaughn's Pure Carbon composite. Vaughn's Pure Carbon reinforced fingers and sidewall provide the necessary protection for all levels of competition.
Tapered Bottom Edge: The V10 PC blocker's board comes down to a sharp taper and is reinforced with QuickSlide for a flush, highly-durable seal along the ice. Benefiting both performance and protection, this blocker's board taper helps to keep pucks away from the fingers when paddle down.

Fit & Feel
Coverage-Optimized Hand Positioning: Revised to improve coverage over the V9 blocker, the V10 blocker's palm is integrated with the board in a higher hand position. In effect, the V10's high palm positioning presents the blocker for more effective crease coverage.
Mesh Thumb Pillow & Palm Gussets: The V10 blocker's palm is surrounded by a breathable mesh and padded with a mesh thumb pillow. Vaughn's breathable mesh provides a plush, padded feel while helping the hand stay cool.
Open, Flexible Cuff: Redesigned from the V9 blocker, the V10 blocker's cuff offers a lighter, less-restrictive feel with a flexible design and elastic attachment points.

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