Odor Crusher Tactical Ozone Go Max

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By creating on-demand ozone by using electricity, the Odor Crusher ozone generators produce ozone gas that attacks unwanted odor molecules through a natural oxidation process. Odors dissipate, and any remaining ozone safely turns back into standard oxygen in as little as 30 minutes. Developed from NASA based research, Odor Crusher’s ozone activated technology effectively eliminates unwanted odors on your gear. Sweat, body odor, chemicals, smoke, K9 smells, fuel – you name it, Odor Crusher removes it by killing the organisms that cause the odors. Maintenance free, Odor Crusher leaves no scent, chemical residue or harmful byproducts, and does not require filters or detergent chemicals.

Compatible with 12V power and built in a convenient housing that fits the vehicle’s power receptacles. Designed and specifically built to be used in automotive interiors, features a built-in fan and auto-programming to eliminate contaminants and odor in any vehicle. Maintenance free with auto shut-off.

  • LED Ozone Emittance Light
  • Eliminates odor in 30 minutes
  • Automatic timer with cycle generated ozone thereafter
  • Two-year warranty
  • Maintenance free

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