Vendor Days at MonkeySports

Vendor Days are events where we invite the biggest and best sports vendors to come in and interact with customers in our beautiful store locations. This is a great opportunity to visit your favorite brands, see new gear, and learn about the technology behind your favorite gear. Vendor days provide our customers the opportunity to be among the first to see and experience the newest products from top brands.

In addition to vendors, these events also feature the biggest sales of the year, raffles of the most popular gear, food trucks, DJs, and other fun events around the store.

MonkeySports Partners with SidelineSwap

SidelineSwap, the world’s largest marketplace for second-hand sporting goods, will be on-site to provide customers with an easy way to recycle their used equipment. SidelineSwap will appraise your gear on-site. If you accept the offer, you’ll receive the appraised value plus a bonus of 15% in the form of a Monkey Sports Gift Card. For more details on our SidelineSwap check out this Business Wire article here.

Be sure to check the Vendor Days schedule below. Get to the store early to claim exclusive doorbuster prices. Follow your local MonkeySports superstore on Instagram to see updates and highlights on Vendor Days Events. 

FAQs about MonkeySports Vendor Days

- Are there any special services offered during the event?

Our store will continue to function as normal with all services remaining unaffected. Lacing, stringing, and sharpening will all be available during the Vendor Days events.

- What is SidelineSwap?

SidelineSwap is the world’s largest online sporting goods marketplace where parents and athletes buy and sell new & used sports gear. Founded in 2015, SidelineSwap has served over 1,000,000 athletes with over 100,000,000 sporting goods items listed on the site.

- How do the Trade-in Events Work?

SidelineSwap and MonkeySports have partnered to host trade-in events for those looking to clean out old sports equipment. MonkeySports athletes who attend trade-in events at MonkeySports locations can simply bring their used gear to the event. It will be evaluated by SidelineSwap buying experts using SidelineSwap’s proprietary trade-in software and value guide.

Athletes receive a quote from SidelineSwap for gear that meets the trade-in guidelines and, upon acceptance, they will be issued a MonkeySports gift card.  As an added perk, MonkeySports increases the value placed on the equipment by SidelineSwap by 15%!  Items that do not qualify for trade-in can also be donated to local youth sports programs in need.  For more information, please check out more on SidelineSwap's site!

- Do I need a ticket to attend?

No, Vendor Days is open to everyone and is free to enter, bring a friend!

- Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the MonkeySports location hosting the event for more information. Store contact information can be found here.

- Can I purchase products at the event?

Yes, the store is open for product purchases during the event. There will be special sales on the most popular products. 

- Will there be food and beverages available?

The food and beverages will vary by event. Oftentimes there will be food trucks on site selling food and beverages, again these vary from event to event. For information on a specific event, please call your local MonkeySports Superstore!

- What should I be expecting at MonkeySports Vendor Days?

Exclusive Doorbuster Prices: Be the first in the store and win doorbuster prices such as swag bags, gift cards, or game gear.

Vendor Interactions: Visit booths and displays from your favorite vendors to learn more about the technology behind your favorite gear and what is coming out next.

Huge Discounts: During Vendor Days, the best products will be on sale at the lowest prices of the year, grab your deal while it lasts.

Raffles: The top products from top brands will be raffled off to a lucky winner. These raffles are free to enter! Some are valued at over $500! 

- When are Vendor Days for 2024?

  • Irvine, California - January 6th, 2024
  • Derry, New Hampshire - February 3rd, 2024
  • Norwood, Massachusetts - February 3rd, 2024
  • Allen, Texas - February 10th, 2024
  • Greenwood Village, Colorado - February 10th, 2024 
  • Woodbridge, New Jersey - February 17th, 2024
  •  Farmingdale, New York - February 17th, 2024

- Are Vendors There on Both Days?

For most events, the vendors will only be there on the first day of the event. For more information, please contact the store hosting the event. Typically sports vendors will be active on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.