Warrior Ritual G6 Goalie Equipment

The Warrior Ritual G6 leg pads feature CoverEDGE+ technology that applies a face-forward design that adds a new dimension to maximizing your coverage in net. By bringing the face of each piece of G6 gear forward, the angle to the puck is further cut down, allowing you to get a piece of pucks that would just miss more conventionally designed gear. RVH Optimized Outer Roll seals against goal post in Reverse VH position without sacrificing necessary puck stopping benefits. AirSlide3.0 features a polycarbonate knee plate for maximum slide and engineered channels that decrease friction by reducing surface area that contacts the ice.

The Warrior Ritual G6 glove comes in two different breaks, the G6 and G6.1. The G6 dimensions extend at thumb to enhance a wider catching shape. The G6.1 Dimensions extend at fingers to enhance a longer catching shape. 

The Warrior Ritual G6 blocker also comes in G6 and G6.1 models. The G6 features a 20° angle designed to deflect pucks high toward the glass. The G6 also features a thicker board for maximum rebound speed, flatter board profile to present a large surface area to the shoot, light weight construction and an open cuff design for maximum wrist mobility. The G6.1 features a 35° angle to deflect pucks low toward the corber. The G6.1 also features a thinner board for high rebound speed, a more curved board profile to prevent puck skipover, ultra light weight construction, and a curved, thin board for maximum mobility in paddle down position.

Warrior Ritual G6 Senior

Warrior Ritual G6 Intermediate

Warrior Ritual G6 Junior & Youth

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