Bauer Hi-Lo Front Loader Roller Hockey Goalie Chassis


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All new for 2019, Bauer has released their all new replacement chassis for the Bauer Vapor X700 Roller Skate. The Bauer Hi-Lo Front loader Roller Hockey Goalie Chassis is specifically designed for a roller goalie to get the most out of the performance of their goalie skate.

Starting off with what comes in the Bauer Hi-Lo Front loader Roller Hockey Goalie Chassis pack, this pack will come with the Front loader chassis, eight axels for wheels and a Hi-Lo skate tool that is compatible with the provided axels. Moving on to the build of the Bauer Hi-Lo Front loader Goalie Chassis, the front loader design provides the front of the chassis with more support on the toe portion of the skate to increase the lifespan of the wheels while providing a balanced feel when in a ready stance.

Working along with the boot, this chassis naturally leans the goaltender on to their toes by raising the heel up to give the goaltender an easy transition into an effective ready stance. On the back end of the Bauer Front loader chassis, a space is provided in front of the back wheel for an easy boot strap placement that won’t get caught on the goalie’s wheel during play.

If you are a roller goalie looking for a replacement chassis for the Bauer X700 Roller Goalie Skate, look no further than the Bauer Hi-Lo Front loader Roller Hockey Goalie Chassis.

  • Large: Size 10
  • Medium: Size 8.5 to 9.5
  • Small: Size 6 to 8

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