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New for 2021, CCM continues to push the pace of innovation and design with the latest addition to the Extreme Flex franchise. This all-new line brings together key revisions and new technology to take the Extreme Flex Line you know and love to the next level.

Starting off with the graphic of the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Custom Goalie Blocker, you will see the two UV printed zones at the corners of the blocker, giving the ability for more unique design choices. Finishing the design, several diagonal stripe zones go throughout the blocker to mimic the pad design and create a taller visual look.

More on the build of the EF5, CCM has used a heat-laminated dual-density foam with a PE board which creates a thinner profile design, built for maximum rebound control to help direct pucks safely into corners. Around the sidewall, an X-Stiff sidewall creates high impact protection from reaching saves while creating a sturdy build.

Continuing on the blocker positioning, CCM has gone with a centered palm position to help create a well-balanced experience. Throughout the entire design, proprietary “SpeedSkin” synthetic stamped materials create a new level for style and function. It is designed to perform the best out of all materials CCM has to offer.

Next, a straight finger protector has been continued on from the EF4 line which covers more of the opening where the stick sits on the sidewall while giving more mobility when holding a stick. Flipping around, an all-new adjustable flex motion cuff designed to have amplified mobility with customizable fit has been implemented to give the goaltender a wider range of motion for the ease of blocker saves.

Moving on to the base of the fingertips, you will see the two flaps that sit over top of the fingers for extra protection from specific situations like a puck riding up the goalies stick. Around the fingers, CCM utilizes D3O materials which wrap around the index finger to provide extra protection. D3O is a polyurethane energy-absorbing material used for impact protection and shock absorption. The entire palm is made up of a multi-layer reinforced Nash material optimized for a comfortable feel and top-level durability.

If you are an elite-level goaltender looking for a top-level blocker that is designed for mobility in both range of motion and weight, all while protecting you from high-velocity shots, look no further than the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Custom Senior Goalie Blocker.


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