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Learn About Senior Goalie Sets

Senior goalie sets are designed for adult players, offering advanced protection and features to meet the demands of high-level hockey. These sets typically include larger-sized components like blockers, catchers, leg pads, and occasionally additional items such as chest protectors, tailored to fit adult body proportions. They offer the benefit of cohesive design, ensuring that all pieces work harmoniously for optimal protection and performance.

Senior goalie sets are an ideal choice for experienced players seeking quality and durability in a comprehensive collection, and are available in various sizes, requiring careful selection based on the goalie’s height, weight, and playing preferences. The sizing is vital for ensuring mobility and comfort, as well as effective protection during play.

Senior Goalie Set FAQs

What components are included in a senior hockey goalie set?

A senior hockey goalie set typically includes a blocker, catcher, and leg pads, sometimes with additional items such as chest protector, as outlined in the “Learn” section. Check an individual set to discover all that it contains. 

How do I determine the right size for a senior hockey goalie set?

Determining the right size for a senior hockey goalie set involves measuring the player’s height, arm span, and leg length to ensure each component offers proper fit and protection.

How often should senior goalie sets be replaced or upgraded?

Senior goalie sets should be replaced or upgraded depending on the level of wear and tear, as well as the player's changing needs and advancements in goalie equipment technology.

How should senior goalie sets be maintained and cared for?

Senior goalie sets should be regularly cleaned, checked for damage, and stored in dry conditions to prolong their lifespan and maintain their protective qualities.

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