True Catalyst 7X3 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads


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Brand new for 2023, True and the Lefevre family are proud to introduce the newest member of their legendary family of goalie gear, the True Catalyst 7X3 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads!

Starting with the build of the pad, the True Catalyst 7X3 features a more traditional design that it’s L20.2 counterpart. Starting off with the face construction, the entire 7X3 is a fairly flat design with balanced features throughout. Across the knee section who will see a traditional knee roll design that don’t stick too far off the pad and keep the low weight design and feels perfectly balanced with the rest of the build. The outer roll is uniform in size through from top to bottom and designed to help prevent pucks from popping over the pad but instead staying in front of the goaltender. In moving from the L12.2 to the 9X3, True has completely redesigned the core of the thigh rise, making it stiffer than the original core found on the L12.2. This allows for a better seal along the ice when in the butterfly make redirecting pucks even easier.

Flipping around to the outer gusset of the pad, the True Catalyst 7X3 visually looks like a classic Lefevre pad with a consistent shape with a slight bend due to the single break in the middle of the pad, creating a slight curve to better aid in butterfly closure. At the top of the pad, you will notice that despite the thigh rise being stiffer than found on the L12.2, it is also thinner. This allows for an easier overlap when standing in your stance or dropping in the butterfly. It also allows the pads to be more reactive when dropping and popping up, making you even more mobile in game situations.

At the knee, the classic and beloved Lefevre knee block has been improved with a knew construction and improved rigidity. This allows for a much more stable pad at the knee. Paired with the stiffer thigh rise, this allows for more pressure to be applied to the top of the pad in the butterfly position, meaning you get a better seal on the ice and fewer pucks slipping through.

Finally, down at the boot, you will see an elastic toe tie system that looks similar to a skate lace but stretches nicely to two Velcro points that will run through the skate. An elastic toe tie connection helps the goaltender create less stress on their knee all while helping the pad snap back into place while still having the flexibility needed to get quick pushes.

If you are an advanced-level goaltender who craves the traditional feel and quality of Lefevre pads combined with True’s reputation for game changing technological advancements, the True Catalyst 7X3 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads are the pads for you!


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