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All New! Brian's Iconik Pro Senior Custom Goalie Leg Pads:

Brian’s Custom Sports has been committed to innovating and improving its goalie equipment with each new addition to their line-up. Designed from athlete feedback, combined with innovative performance technologies and 40 years of experience handcrafting pro-grade goalie gear; Brian’s has delivered, once again, a line of goalie pads with the unmatched performance and striking appearance worthy of its Iconik name.

For modern goalies, defending the crease starts with the leg pads, and an Iconik performance demands an Iconik leg pad. The Iconik leg pads feature a redesigned core and thinner profile combined to deliver a lighter and more responsive feeling leg pad than previous generations. 20% lighter than the G-Netik Pro V, Brians’ new design not only reduces weight, but gives these pads a rigid core, lined with high density impact foams that dampen and help redirect the puck’s energy to keep rebounds more predictable. Designed to be more of a hybrid-style pad, the Iconik Pro leg pads feature a BRI-CORE Triaxle Carbon-Fiber Composite Reinforced thigh rise with an internal break at the knee with flexible, 87° toe taper boot. An internal-break outer roll design gives these leg pads a slightly more rigid profile, lined with dual-density impact foams that absorb impact energy, helping control hot pucks along the top butterfly edge. Available from stock or with custom order, Brian’s offers a stiff flex profile option for goalies who prefer a more rigid feeling pad and stronger rebounds.

New for the Iconik leg pads, a one-piece knee block design helps cushion the knee and provide a more controlled balance point when dropping to butterfly or sliding between posts. Improved for the Iconik Series, Brian’s Opti-Slide sliding edge design provides a wider, bindingless surface area to land, slide, and control the crease from. A streamlined plush foam padding lines the medial edge of the calf wrap to help to seal the Opti-Slide edge against the ice. Core to Brian’s Opti-Slide design, their proprietary Primo Sliding Surface provides a cross-textured, low-friction contact patch that gives slides a quicker and more controlled feel.

As goalies have continued to evolve the game, equipment manufacturers have pushed their designs and performance technologies towards lighter, more streamlined pad designs. No exception, Brian’s has introduced a streamlined leg channel with the Iconik Series: Smooth, lightweight padding and a soft SBA (synthetic suede) material give these pads a plush feel that is quick to rotate, and comfortable in any position. Goalies that choose Brian’s often mention a comfortable fit and feel on first impression unmatched by other pads. With more time on the ice, pad features such as the calf wrap Smart Strapping, optional upper calf strap, removable knee flap, and Smart Toe bungee toe ties can be adjusted to dial in your preferred fit.


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