Warrior Ritual G7 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads


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Warrior Ritual G7 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads:

Warrior's new R\G7 Pro Goalie Leg Pads feature a reinforced thigh rise; incorporating high-density impact foams and Warrior's advanced carbon-composite, HyperComp. Not only reducing weight, Warrior's HyperComp reinforced thigh rise helps to maintain rebound characteristics and lengthen the performance life of the pads. Warrior's Knee Drive System returns, now reinforced with HyperComp. The Knee Drive System offers a wide, plush knee stack with a removable behind-the-knee strap and knee wing.

Familiar to fans of Ritual pads, Warrior's polycarbonate SlidePlates are included on each knee stack, greatly reducing sliding friction to make slides between the posts quick and effortless. For those who prefer the pads have more traction, the SlidePlates can be easily removed. Built with Warrior's CoverEDGE+ design, the face of each R\G7 leg pad presents a slightly forward angle. In practice, this improves the angle of your butterfly over the puck, optimizing coverage and minimizing skip-over.

To further improve butterfly stability, Warrior's Stabilizing Leg Channel Wedge has been implemented into the inside edge of each calf wrap. While offering additional stability, Warrior's Leg Channel Wedge pads each shin to help push the pads down faster and maintain a tight seal against the ice. With a unique option for personalization, each leg channel wedge can be repositioned or entirely removed.

Redesigned for the Ritual G7 leg pads, a streamlined Outer Calf Wrap helps to reduce binding while providing a full wrap. Durable Double Elastic Knee and Calf Strapping offer a confident fit, with Warrior's Active Response Strapping allowing for easy adjustment or removal of ARS toe and heel straps. Each leg channel offers contoured padding down to the boot with an included removable toe box.


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