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Learn About Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

Senior hockey goalie leg pads are designed for adult players, typically catering to ages 14 and up. These pads vary in size, material, and durability to suit different levels of play and personal preferences. When selecting senior leg pads, consider factors like player height, weight, and playing style. Durability and material quality are also crucial for withstanding the rigors of regular play.

How to Choose Adult Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

Selecting the right size for adult hockey goalie leg pads is crucial for both comfort and performance. Generally, the pad size should correspond to the goalie's height and leg length, ensuring proper coverage and mobility. Remember to account for personal preference in pad stiffness and flexibility. For more detailed information on sizing and features, be sure to check our Goalie Leg Pad Buying Guide.

Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads Sizing Chart

Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads Sizing Chart
3216.5" - 18"
3316.75" - 18.5"
3417.5" - 19"
3518" - 19.5"
3618.5" - 20"
Please see brand specific charts to see what’s best for you.

Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads FAQs

How tight should senior goalie leg pads be?

Senior goalie leg pads should fit snugly yet comfortably, allowing for full range of motion without slipping or causing discomfort. The knee should align with the pad’s knee stack for optimal protection and control.

How high should senior goalie pads sit?

Senior goalie pads should extend to the top of the thigh for adequate protection, without hindering movement or flexibility. The exact height can vary based on the goalie’s height and playing style.

What are the different types of senior goalie leg pads?

There are primarily two types of senior goalie leg pads: hybrid and butterfly. Hybrid pads offer flexibility and are suited for a versatile style of play, while butterfly pads are stiffer, providing maximum coverage and rebound control. There are however other types of pads such as flat-faced and knee-rolled pads. 

What are the lightest goalie pads for adults?

The lightest goalie pads for adults are often made with advanced materials like carbon fiber and high-density foams. These materials provide protection while minimizing weight, enhancing the goalie's agility and endurance. Check out Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+ Senior Goalie Leg Pads for the lightest goalie pads.

Goalie Leg Pad Buying Guides & Articles

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