Goalie Leg Pad Buying Guide

With 2022 behind us, it’s time to see what exciting new gear companies have been cooking up for 2023.  All these models are available at GoalieMonkey.com and to see even more options, check out our full selection of goalie leg pads.

In this article, we’ll cover:

List of the Best Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

Here’s our picks for the top 10 goalie leg pads for 2022.  Remember, no matter who you are shopping for, each of these models of pad is available in a full line of Junior, Intermediate, and Pro sized gear.

1Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Goalie Leg PadsBuy Now
2True L12.2 ProTrue L20.1 ProBuy Now
3CCM Axis 2 ProCCM Axis 2 Pro SeniorBuy Now
4Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+ Goalie Leg PadsBuy Now
5Bauer Supreme M5 ProBauer Supreme M5 ProBuy Now
6Bauer Vapor 3XBauer Vapor 3XBuy Now
7Brian’s Optik 3 ProBrian’s Optik 3 ProBuy Now
8CCM Extreme Flex E5.9CCM Extreme Flex E5.9Buy Now
9Vaughn Ventus SLR3 ProVaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro CarbonBuy Now
10Brians G-Netik X5Brians G-Netik X5Buy Now

Overview: Bauer is again pushing the boundaries with the Hyperlite 2 leg pags. SL1D3R skin makes its debut in the Vapor line, offering increased slidability and fast rebounds. The Vapor keeps its flat face design over a Rebound Boost (Soft) core, coupled with a thinner geometry for full leg connection and a CURV composite stiff thigh; all combining to form a pre-curved S shape with a dynamic flex profile. The Stabiliflex knee block is back and features Stabili-grip material , which is a coated material on the surface of the landing area to keep the knee centered and connected to the block.

Key Features:

  • Rebound Boost Core
  • SL1D3R skin for slideability and fast rebounds
  • Tune Fit Strapping System.

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Overview:The True L12.2 Pro Leg pads are the legendary Lefevre designed pad that everyone has known to love.  This new and improved design from True is great for elite-level goaltenders who love the past work of Lefevre.  Under the True name, they have pushed the boundaries to make the pad lighter while retaining the excellent craftsmanship they are known for.  

Key Features:

  • True’s Fast Glide material creates less drag on the ice 
  • More traditional design is a fairly flat design with balanced features throughout
  • Fast Rotation System (FRS) 

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Overview: A true butterfly style pad catered to the next generation of goaltenders.  Featuring a LITEXCORE core and Max Rebound+ technology, designed to be a super lightweight yet stiff pad that delivers incredibly powerful rebounds. Dynamic Response System (DRS) Pro, a one piece HD foam landing zone, increases both the seal and stability while allowing for maximum speed and powerful movements

Key Features:

  • LITEXCORE and Max Rebound+ technology
  • Dynamic Response System (DRS) Pro
  • Quick Motions Strap System

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Overview: The Ritual line of gear made a splash when Warrior first entered the market and continues to innovate with each generation.  The Ritual G6 Pro+ Goalie Leg Pads are super-lightweight and designed to help goalies get the most out of their equipment. 

Key Features:

  • CoverEDGE+ brings the pad face towards the shooter for maximum coverage
  • AIRslide 3.0 landing surface to help enhance sliding
  • 360TriFit leg channel wrap system increases connectivity and control of the pad in rotation and dropping

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Overview: A trueflat-faced pad offeringpredictable rebounds and ultimate seal. Designed for the goalie seeking the mostseal, this padencompasses hard edges and stiffer foams. Bauer Supreme M5 Pro is the latest offering for the recreational butterfly goalie.

Key Features:

  • Stabilislide knee block
  • Dual Density Core with CURV composite inserts
  • 120 Degree Soft Flex Boot

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Overview: Based on the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro pad, the Vapor 3X pad brings much of the Vapor technology to a more affordable price point.  Like the Hyperlite, the 3X features CURV composite reinforcement and C.O.R. Tech Plus outer skin, resulting in a lightweight and agile pad. 

Key Features:

  • CURV Composite reinforced core
  • C.O.R. Tech Plus external skin
  • Tune Fit 2.0 Strapping System

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Overview: A pure butterfly style pad built on the innovation and exceptional craftsmanship of Brian’s Custom Sports.  This pad is domestically made and provides a consistent, high performing traditional butterfly feel without pushing the boundaries of technology.  Trusted by NHL goalies, the Optik 3 Pro should not be overlooked.  

Key Features:

  • Custom Knee and boot Flex Zone options
  • Smart X Strapping system
  • Domestically manufactured

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Overview: The CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 pad is an advanced level pad designed to provide a lightweight and responsive feel with features normally valued at the Pro pad price point.  

Key Features:

  • Lightweight SpeedSkin exterior
  • Dual1tecore for greater flex and drop velocity
  • QuickMotion strapping system

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Overview: The Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro brings affordability to Vaughn’s butterfly line of gear.  Don’t count out this pad just because it doesn’t wear the “Velocity” name.  Vaughn has refined their butterfly pad over many generations, resulting in the SLR3 Pro, a feature packed advanced-level pad that should be in the conversation for any butterfly goalie.

Key Features:

  • HD Foam Pro-Core Internals for superior performance
  • QuickSlide material on sliding face of pad
  • Reactive rotational control strap

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Overview:  Brian’s has taken feedback from their pro advisory team and retail consumers alike to provide high end levels of equipment designed for today’s butterfly goaltender. The torsion flex allows the entire pad to twist and follow a goalie’s natural movements, while still providing a strong seal and rigid shape when set. Opti-Slide inner edge; a bindingless primo sliding surface combined with a higher density foam and laced in knee block to provide goalies with the best slide around.

Key Features:

  • Torsion Flex technology for the most responsive internal core
  • Brian’s Smart Strap system
  • Primo material in slide and high-wear areas

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How to Choose the Right Size Goalie Leg Pads

For proper performance of the pad and goalie, pads must be sized properly.  Too small of a pad can result in unsafe or unpadded areas, while too large of a pad can hinder a goalie’s ability to make saves or develop properly in the case of younger goalies.  Ankle to Knee (ATK) measurement is the most commonly used measuring system for pad sizing.  To learn more about sizing goalie pads, check out our complete guide to goalie leg pad sizing.


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Best Goalie Leg Pads by Playing Style

Like skaters, each goalie has their own playing style and preference for gear.  Just because your favorite NHL goalie wears a certain brand of gear doesn’t mean it may be the right fit for you.  Here we’ll give a brief intro into the two unique styles of goalie pad and what differentiates the two.

Best Butterfly Goalie Leg Pads

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Leg PadButterfly-style goalies prefer a stiffer pad that focuses on net coverage over mobility.  An emphasis is placed on net positioning to give the goalie the best chance at stopping the puck without needing to make a significant reaction.  Butterfly goalies tend to stop most pucks while on their knees or in the “butterfly” position.  Butterfly pads are generally characterized by a stiff, flat pad face and fit looser on the leg to allow for quick rotation.  

Our Pick: Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pad

Why We Picked It: The Bauer Supreme M5 Pro allows for goalies to get a great seal, slide and elite level rebound control without breaking the bank. Since the inception of the OD1N pad, Bauer Supreme pads have taken over multiple age ranges for its superior performance.  Paired with a clean graphic, the M5 Pro takes our top pick for butterfly-style goal pad.

Best Hybrid Goalie Leg Pads

Hybrid-style goalies are focused on agility and mobility over positioning and net coverage.  They tend to be more reactionary to shots, and thus tend to favor a pad with greater flexibility and a snugger fit to the leg.  Hybrid-style pads are characterized by additional flex points in the knee, softer boot flex, and a more forgiving pad face to keep rebounds in close for easy control.  

Our Pick: Bauer Vapor HyperLite Pro Leg Pads

Why We Picked It: Taking innovation to a normally traditional pad category, the Vapor HyperLite Pro introduces the best of Bauer’s technology into a hybrid-style pad.  Slightly stiffer than a typical hybrid pad, the HyperLite caters to the goalie seeking light overall weight for fast, agile movements.

Best Goalie Leg Pads by Category

Lightest Goalie Leg Pads

Warrior Ritual G6 Pro+: Since the release of the first Ritual pad, Warrior has taken strides to simplifying the core and ancillary features of a pad, allowing it to remain protective yet incredibly lightweight.  Switching from an older pad to the Warrior Ritual line can feel strange at first, but worth it in the end.

Best Looking Goalie Leg Pads

Brians Optik 3 Pro:  I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Brian’s gear.  Their attention to detail makes them stand above the rest. From the Primo slide material and premium performance materials to the 3D bubble Brian’s logos and aggressive graphic, the Optik series of gear takes my pick for Best Looking Goal Pad.

Best Beginner/Youth Goalie Leg Pads

Bauer GSX Prodigy Youth Goalie Leg Pads:  For both the new goalie and the new goalie parent, without a doubt the Bauer Prodigy remains the leader in youth leg pads designed specifically for the young goalie.  Featuring a simple 1, 2, 3 step strapping system (which has directions printed on the bottom of the pad!), learning the goalie position doesn’t get any easier than this.

Best Budget Goalie Leg Pads

Bauer GSX Goalie Leg Pad:  For beginner goalies on a budget, I retain one philosophy.  The simpler the better.  No need to learn more complex strapping systems like so many high-end pads feature.  Simple strapping and a slim design make for the winning combination in a budget pad, making the game fun and easy for the beginning goalie on a budget.

Best Goalie Leg Pad Brands

GoalieMonkey is the go-to retailer for all the best goalie leg pad brands.  We ensure the latest gear is available to you, so you can play your best.  GoalieMonkey carries the full range of all the major manufacturers, including a wide variety of GoalieMonkey exclusive color combinations, so you can look your best and stand out on the rink.

Bauer Goalie Leg Pads

Bauer has taken the latest in material technology and applied it to both their Supreme and Vapor lines of goalie leg pad to set a new standard for light weight and performance.  Features are focused on improving butterfly seal, slide capabilities on the ice, and net coverage.  Bauer continues to push the envelope with new core foam technology and their innovative C.O.R. Tech face and when paired, these create one of the lightest and highest performing pads on the market today.

CCM Goalie Leg Pads

CCM continues its reputation of being a premier equipment manufacturer with its Axis and Extreme Flex series of gear.  New advancements in outer pad skin material and strapping systems have allowed CCM to greatly reduce the weight of their pads from years past.  From CCM, butterfly goalies should look at the Axis series of gear, while hybrid goalies may lean towards the Extreme Flex line of gear.

True Goalie Leg Pads

True is powered by goalie equipment designer Lefebvre, renowned for his breakthrough designs in the early 2000s that took the butterfly-style pad mainstream and features that are seen across all brands today.  Right out of the gate, True has developed a state-of-the art line of gear that has been adopted by dozens of NHL goalies in just their first year on the market. Their L20.1 and L12.2 lines of gear cater each to butterfly and hybrid style goalies, respectively.

Brian’s Goalie Leg Pads

Brian’s equipment is defined by a legacy of creating high quality gear with generations of refinement that has translated into gear with an incredible attention to detail.  From their mid-level gear to their pro-level pads, Brian’s is focused on creating equipment that goalies can depend on, no matter their budget.  Their gear constantly pushes the boundaries with material development, including E-Foam and their customizable flex zones in pads.  Brian’s butterfly line of gear is the Optik series while the Gnetik series is oriented towards a hybrid goalie.

Warrior Goalie Leg Pads

Warrior made a big statement when they entered the Goalie equipment scene in the early 2010’s.  Led by legendary equipment designer Pete Smith, Warrior gear quickly garnered a cult following through its innovation and focus on creating the most lightweight gear on the market.  Years later, their Ritual line of gear continues to be a favorite of goalies all around the world with its futuristic, feather light designs and revolutionary technology.  Strapping and flex zone options of the Ritual line of gear provide options for both hybrid and butterfly style goalies in the same pad.

Vaughn Goalie Leg Pads

Vaughn has been a mainstay in the goalie equipment world for many years, focusing strictly on goalie equipment rather than branching off to skater’s gear.  Known for the pure comfort of their pads and their attention to detail, Vaughn has cemented themselves as a brand with arguably the most loyal following of all.  Their flexible hybrid-style Velocity pad is on it’s 9th generation, a testament to the performance and quality expected out of an elite manufacturer.  Their Ventus line of gear remains one of the more underestimated pads on the market today.

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This article was originally published on July 5, 2021, and has been updated with new information.