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A goalie blocker is a critical piece of the goalie’s equipment setup, serving not only as a precious blocking surface, but also as a bridge between the goalie’s hand and stick.  A blocker must provide ample protection to the hand, yet not be too bulky as to restrict the goalie’s handle on the stick.  We’ve done the hard part and put together a list of the top 10 goalie blockers on the market, making the saves will be easy.  As always, be sure to check out our full selection of all the best brands of hockey goalie blockers.

In this article, we’ll cover:

List of the Best Goalie Blockers

1CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Goalie BlockerCCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Goalie BlockerBuy Now
2Bauer Vapor HyperLite Pro Goalie BlockerBauer Vapor HyperLite Pro Goalie BlockerBuy Now
3Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Goalie BlockerVaughn Velocity V9 Pro Goalie BlockerBuy Now
4Warrior Ritual G5+ Goalie BlockerWarrior Ritual G5+ Goalie BlockerBuy Now
5Brian’s Optik X2 Goalie BlockerBrian’s Optik X2 Goalie BlockerBuy Now
6CCM Axis A1.9 Goalie BlockerCCM Axis A1.9 Goalie BlockerBuy Now
7Bauer Vapor 3X Goalie BlockerBauer Vapor 3X Goalie BlockerBuy Now
8Warrior Ritual GT2 Goalie BlockerWarrior Ritual GT2 Goalie BlockerBuy Now
9Bauer GSX Goalie BlockerBauer GSX Goalie BlockerBuy Now
10CCM Extreme Flex E5.5 Goalie BlockerCCM Extreme Flex E5.5 Goalie BlockerBuy Now

Overview: There’s a reason CCM has changed very little of the overall design of the next generation Extreme Flex 5 blocker.  The simple, effective features work incredibly well together, creating a tremendously protective and mobile blocker with excellent balance.  The Extreme Flex 5 uses SpeedSkin technology to further lighten the overall weight and features a quick strap system and D3O foam in the index finger tip for greater protection.  There’s so much to love about this blocker and a reason why it remains a favorite among goalies everywhere.  

Key Features:

  • SpeedSkin outer shell technology
  • D3O Index finger protection
  • X-Stiff Sidewall

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Overview: Building on the success of previous generations of Vapor series blockers, the HyperLite Pro blocker packs the latest technology into a well balanced and mobile blocker built for any playing style.  The Poron XRD reinforced palm helps reduce stick vibrations and the Curv Composite reinforced Rebound Boost Core structure helps accurately direct pucks to the corners.  

Key Features:

  • Curv Composite blocker board reinforcement
  • Rebound Boost Core
  • 14.5 Connekt+ Palm with Poron XRD protection

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Overview: Based on the Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon, the Velocity 9 Pro packs many of the same features as the Pro Carbon but at a more affordable price point.  Designed around the Velocity predecessors, the V9 features a very balanced feel with a board slightly higher on the goalie’s hand for a more aggressive “paddle down” position.  A favorite among goalies around the world, the Velocity surely will not disappoint. 

Key Features:

  • VX Suede Palm
  • Flat curve board design
  • Composite core protection in critical areas

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Overview: The Warrior Ritual G5+ blocker builds on the success of the Ritual line, adding Warrior’s CoverEDGE+ technology to the model line, designed to increase the goalie’s size by cutting down on the shooter’s angle.  Like generations past of Ritual blockers, the G5+ palm can be moved to three positions on the blocking board and can be changed for different size palms to best suit the goalie’s needs.  A seamless face construction creates a clean finish to the blocking surfaces.  

Key Features:

  • CoverEDGE+ blocking surface
  • Removable and adjustable palm
  • Adjustable thumb protection

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Overview: Brian’s continues to push the boundaries in their gear with the release of the Optik X2 blocker.  Based on the design of the Optik 2 Pro, the X2 features an integrated side board design for maximum protection and consistent and predictable rebounds.  A wide cuff allows for excellent mobility in a design topped off with a quick-dry grip palm.  The X2 is an excellent choice at a great price point.  

Key Features:

  • Integrated side wall protection
  • Quick-dry grip palm
  • Aggressive graphics and polymesh vents

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Overview: Based on the beloved traditional CCM blocker design, the Axis A1.9 brings SpeedSkin technology to their lower level price point.  SpeedSkin creates a lightweight outer shell to the blocker and a more aesthetically pleasing look.  Add in the tried and true design of the CCM blocker features and the A1.9 is a winner. 

Key Features:

  • SpeedSkin outer material
  • Quick-dry palm
  • Traditional CCM blocker design

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Overview: Bauer continues to push the boundaries of gear technology with the 3X blocker, adding in CURV Composite and 14.5 Connect materials to the senior level line of gear.  The CURV composite adds rigidity and more puck velocity off the face of the blocker while the 14.5 Connect palm keeps the goalie’s hands connected with the stick through the whole game.

Key Features:

  • CURV Composite reinforced blocking board
  • 14.5 Connect palm
  • Adjustable finger protection

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Overview: Like it's Warrior Ritual G5 big brother, the GT2 blocker carries many of the same features as the Pro level blocker in a high level price point.  The same removable and adjustable palm can be found in the GT2, along with an adjustable open cuff and a bindingless blocking surface.

Key Features:

  • Removable and adjustable palm
  • Adjustable open cuff
  • Bindingless blocking surface

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Overview: Designed around the Pro and high-level blockers, the Extreme Flex E5.5 blocker is CCM’s take on an affordable blocker.  What sets this blocker apart from comparably priced competitors is the inclusion of CCM’s proprietary SpeedSkin technology as a basis for this blocker.  Combine with the traditional CCM blocker design features and we’re left with an attractive blocker at an affordable price point.

Key Features:

  • SpeedSkin outer
  • Laminated dual density blocking board
  • Adjustable flex motion cuff

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How to Choose the Right Size Goalie Blocker

Goalie blockers are mostly simple and straightforward to size properly.  Blockers have 4 main sizes; Senior, Intermediate; Junior; and youth.  A blocker should fit similar to a player’s glove, in that the palm should be a good fit for the goalie’s hand; not too tight and constrictive or not too loose.  When choosing a new blocker, it is recommended to try on the blocker with the chest protector to ensure the two pieces of equipment work well together.

Check out our complete selection of:

Best Goalie Blockers by Category

Best Senior Goalie Blocker

True L12.2 Pro Senior Goalie Blocker:  With the Lefevre name behind the True brand, it’s hard to ignore the impact this blocker has had on the game.  The L12.2 is well balanced, protective and features a supple Grey Nash palm for excellent stick feel. 

Best Youth Goalie Blocker

Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Blocker:  No other youth blocker has been adapted to the young goalie better than the Ritual G5.  Featuring a lightweight construction, a tapered blocking board for the “stick down” position, and an overall slim profile to promote development of the young goalie’s movements, the Warrior Ritual G5 is a great choice for the youth goalie. 

Lightest Goalie Blocker

Bauer Vapor HyperLite Pro: The name says it all… Bauer has packed all their latest equipment technology into the HyperLite Pro Blocker.  They were the first to introduce the ultra-light printed skin material to the equipment market and the HyperLite builds on this technology while adding Curv Composite to the blocking core for additional weight reduction. 

Best Budget Goalie Blocker

CCM Extreme Flex E4.9 Senior Goalie Blocker:  CCM utilizes the same overall design as their pro-level blockers in the Extreme Flex E4.9 blocker, creating a well-balanced blocker that still retains good protection of the fingers and hand. 

Most Comfortable Goalie Blocker

Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Goalie Blocker:  Brian’s always brings their best to the game and the Optik 2 is no exception.  Its supple grey nash liner palm and generous backhand padding combined with Brian’s exclusive BOA strapping system make this blocker the easiest to tailor to any goalie’s hand and a dream to wear, even through extended ice sessions.

Best Goalie Blocker Brands

Whether you’re a goalie who’s picky about their blocker or not, GoalieMonkey carries the biggest selection of blockers from the top brands in the game.  Whether you’re looking to create your one-of-a-kind custom set or finding the right blocker to get you on the rink soon, GoalieMonkey has you covered.  

Bauer Blockers 

Bauer continues to push the boundaries of equipment technology in their flagship Supreme Ultrasonic and Vapor Hyperlite lines of blockers.  Additions of exclusive technology such as CURV composite, Poron XRD foam, and CORTech ST skin create blockers that are some of the lightest and most popular on the market for elite goalies.  Their full lines of blockers borrow technology from their flagship lines to create value-oriented options for every budget. 

CCM Blockers

CCM continues their dominance in goalie blockers with the Axis and Extreme Flex lines of gear.  Goalies seek out the well balanced design of the CCM blockers that offer excellent protection and overall feel in a familiar Lefevre derived package.  To prove its popularity, some NHL goalies have been known to wear a CCM blocker and the rest of their gear from other brands!

True Blockers

True is a new name but they are no stranger to the game.  Utilizing Lefevre as their resident gear designer, True’s blockers will be familiar to any goalie who is comfortable in a Reebok Premier or CCM Extreme Flex blocker, with upgrades throughout to set them apart from the rest.  Manufactured in Canada, the True blockers should not be passed up.  

Brian’s Blockers

Generation after generation, Brian’s continues to dive deep into the mechanics of goalie gear and refine their blockers to feature the newest design changes on the market.  Featuring premium materials with their pro-level gear manufactured in Canada, the Brian’s blockers ooze quality and craftsmanship with the performance to back it up. 

Vaughn Blockers

Also known for their cult following generation after generation, Vaughn’s Velocity line of blockers feature excellent Canadian crafted quality with a design that is well-balanced and lightweight using traditional materials.  For fans of the past Velocity lines of gear, the latest Velocity 9 blocker will not disappoint. 

Warrior Blockers

Warrior stormed onto the equipment scene with their introduction of the Ritual line of gear.  Five generations later, the Ritual has become a well-respected mainstay in the equipment offerings at GoalieMonkey.  Known for their light weight and ultra-customizable post-production options, the Ritual blockers can be tailored to any goalie’s playing style.

Find the Best Selection of Hockey Goalie Blockers at GoalieMonkey!

A blocker isn’t just a blocker.  It’s YOUR blocker.  A blocker has many defining features that can create a positive and seamless connection between the goalie’s hand and their stick.  A goalie relies on the blocker to be protective, yet must garner their faith in the piece of equipment to provide the performance against the hardest of shots.  As always, GoalieMonkey has the best selection of hockey goalie blockers and is always ready to help you find the perfect blocker to get you on the rink.


This article was originally published on November 8, 2021, and has been updated with new information.