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Looking for gift ideas for the netminder in your life? We have you covered with a list of the top 20 hockey goalie gifts of 2023 from GoalieMonkey!  GoalieMonkey is the industry’s trusted source for your hockey goalie equipment. The list below is perfect for any hockey goalie on any occasion, whether you need a gift for the Holidays, for a coach, a birthday, or an end-of-season gift.

1.  Warrior Ritual M1 Senior+ Goalie Stick

The Warrior M1 Senior + stick is a highly regarded stick at a great price point and makes an excellent holiday gift. 

Designed with lightweight technology at an affordable price point, the Warrior Ritual M1 is another one of our stick top picks and made this year’s gift guide.  The M1 uses lightweight and durable Minumus Carbon 1000 combined with strategic grip points to offer an affordable stick with great technology.  For the younger goalies, both an Intermediate and Junior version of this stick are available as well.

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2. Winwell Pro Form 72in. Regulation Hockey Net

A must have for any hockey player or goalie, a hockey net will get hundreds, if not thousands of hours of use of practice and skill refinement.

The Winwell Pro Form 72in hockey net is high-quality regulation size hockey net designed to see endless hours of practice.  Your young goalie can use this to refine their skills for the next time they are on the rink.  Any great hockey player has stories of their first net, make this theirs.  For younger goalies, also consider the Winwell 52in. Heavy Duty Hockey Net, a smaller version of the full-size regulation net.

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3. CCM Pro Wheeled 44in Large Goalie Bag

For the goalie who has it all, but not a way to carry it all, the CCM Pro Wheeled 44in Large Goalie Bag is the perfect fit for your goalie’s entire set of gear.

Made from the highway quality 1680D polyester nylon and reinforced throughout in the high-wear areas, the CCM Pro Wheeled 44in goalie bag is designed to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel hockey or the weekly adult league game.  Three wheels with all-terrain tread make it easier than ever to get your gear around the rink.  For those goalies who prefer to keep the workout going before and after the game, we also recommend the Warrior Pro Goalie X-Large 40in equipment Carry Bag.  Constructed fully of high-wear reinforced polyester, this is the bag made for NHL locker rooms.  Offered in 14 color options, there's surely one to match your goalie’s needs.

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4. Theragun Prime

The Theragun Prime is the original muscle massage therapy gun, designed to stimulate circulation and reduce tension before and after games.

Muscle therapy is a critical, yet often overlooked part of the sport, especially in goalies.  Poor muscle prep before games can prevent full range of motion and an increased likelihood of injury from tension in muscles.  The Theragun Prime is designed to relieve this tension and improve muscle health.  As a personal user of the massage gun, I can attest to its importance in my pre- and post-game routines and I never leave home without it.

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 5. True TF9 Senior Goalie Skates

True brings their revolutionary skates to the masses with the all-new True TF9 Goalie skate.

Using a 1-piece proprietary thermomoldable composite shell construction in a design that wraps the goalie’s foot better than any other skate on the market, the True TF9 is a high-performance skate that will connect the goalie with the ice like never before.

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6. Blue Sports Sharp Styck

A must-have for any goalie’s tool kit, the Blue Sports Sharp Styck makes skate blade touchup quick and easy between full sharpenings.

Goalie’s skate blades are prone to getting nicks and dull edges from making contact with the goal posts.  The Blue Sports Sharp Styck is the perfect way to keep edges sharp between sharpenings with a quick touch-up.  All it takes is a few swipes of the Styck along the skate blade!

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7. Bauer 950 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask

Constructed of high-quality composites, the 950 offers a good combination of protection and affordability in a classic look.

For a good reason, the Bauer 950 mask continues to be one of the most popular goalie masks for goalies of all ages.  It offers full composite construction in a classic Profile shell with sharp, chiseled lines and a fit tailored to fit nearly any head shape.  The 950 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask is the CSA/HECC approved version of the 950, offered with a Certified straight bar cage.  For goalies not restricted by CSA and HECC regulations, be sure to check out the Bauer 950 Senior Non-Certified Cat Eye Cage Goalie Mask, which offers improved sight lines and visibility through the “cat eye” cage.  Don’t think we haven’t forgotten the young prodigies either!  Bauer also offers the 940 Junior Certified Straight Bar Mask with the same defined look as the Senior 950, but tailored for the smaller goalies.

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8. Franklin Mini Hockey Goals and Net Set 

Offered in your goalie’s favorite team, a Mini Hockey Goal and Net Set is sure to provide endless hours of fun for your young goalie and their friends.

Even when off the rink, your young goalie will want to be playing hockey.  Make that possible with a Franklin Mini Hockey Goal and Net Set, offered with graphics for nearly all of the 32 NHL teams.  Whether having fun at home or on the road in the hotel hallways, a mini hockey net set is sure to be a favorite!

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9. CCM Orthomove Hockey Skate Insoles

The CCM Orthomove Hockey Skate Insoles will provide a better fitting and more comfortable skate than traditional skate insoles.

Replacing the traditional stock insoles in a skate with a more supportive performance insole can make a tremendous difference in the way the skate fits.  The CCM Orthomove takes the performance insole a step further by designing customizable arch support pads to tailor the skate precisely to the goalie’s foot.  Whether your goalie suffers from aching feet when playing or not, performance insoles are always recommended for top performance.

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10. Renfrew Hockey Tape

Renfrew Hockey Tape is offered in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and types.

If one thing is certain, goalies and players alike can never have enough hockey tape.  Renfrew is the leading manufacturer of tape and a few rolls of this high-quality tape makes the perfect stocking stuffer.  Be sure to know your goalie’s favorite color and type!  A GoalieMonkey favorite is the Renfrew Colored Grip Hockey Tape, a stretch tape for better grip on the stick handle than traditional cloth tape.

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11. True Catalyst 5X Senior Goalie Stick

True’s latest mid-level composite goal stick, offering reduced weight and good performance at an affordable price.

The Catalyst 5X Senior Goalie stick is True’s latest offering in their line of goal sticks.  New for 2021, the Catalyst 5X offers improved composite construction for greater puck feel and durability for all levels of goalie.  Best of all, the Catalyst 5X is offered in a full range of colors to match your goalie’s gear!

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12. CCM Super Tacks 9380 Senior Goalie Skates

CCM continues the legendary line of Super Tacks skates with the 9380 model, a mid-level skate packed with features.

The CCM Super Tacks 9380 senior goalie skate combines many of the same features found in the AS3 Pro skates, but at a more affordable price point.  Starting with the same boot shape, the 9380 adds in RocketFrame composite structure with a TriTech flex tongue and a full heat-moldable construction, making this one of our favorite goalie skates for the 2021 holiday season.

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13. Brian’s Gnetik V Pro Goalie Glove

Brian’s consistently makes our top lists with every line of goalie glove they offer and the brand new Gnetik V is no exception.

Designed around their impressive Gnetik line of gloves of year’s past, the brand new Gnetik V continues to push the boundaries of features, yet remains that ultra-natural and comfortable glove feel Brians’ goalies know and love.  A favorite feature of the Gnetik line of gloves is the BOA strapping system, a quick on-the-go tightening system that can be adjusted in a split second. stocks the Gnetik V glove and offers full custom options as well through Brian’s Canadian factory.

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14.  Warrior Ritual X3 Pro Senior Goalie Knee Pads

Warrior’s latest Ritual X3 Pro Knee pads are the ideal mix of mobility and protection which make these one of our favorite knee pads on the market.

Knee protection is always a touchy subject, goalies tend to have their favorites; some prefer bulky while others prefer a slim knee pad.  Warrior has executed well the combination of both these factors into their new Ritual X3 Pro Senior Goalie Knee pads.  The lower section is well padded to help absorb repetitive butterfly movements, while the upper section features a contoured yet very protective shield to protect the knee caps and lower thighs, making this knee pad our pick for the 2021 Gift Guide.

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15. True Custom Goalie Equipment Combo

True made waves with their entrance into the goalie equipment market, introducing both the L12.2 and L20.1 lines of gear, both featuring traditional Lefevre design and Canadian manufacturing.

For the extra special goalie, we made our selection of the best overall equipment combo to include on this list.  The True L12.2 and L20.1 lines of gear are all around top performers in all three pieces (glove, blocker, leg pads).  There’s a reason so many NHL goalies adopted True as their gear of choice in True’s first year on the market, the Lefevre design style being so familiar to many over the last 20 years.  As a combo, the gear simply works flawlessly together, with excellent Canadian-made quality and pro-level protection.  Best of all, both the True 12.2 and 20.1 lines of gear are fully customizable through

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16. Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Chest and Arm Protector

Offering excellent mobility and protection, the Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Chest and Arm Protector is a top choice for goalies needing a refresh on their upper body protection.

The Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Chest and Arm Protector is Vaughn’s latest update to the Ventus Pro level chest protector.  Reinforced with carbon composite in the high-impact areas, the SLR2 Pro Carbon offers the protection to face the toughest of shots and the mobility to feel comfortable in net.  The Ventus line of chest protectors remains a top pick for goalies at GoalieMonkey and that's why it has made this year’s gift guide.

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17. CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Pants

A pro-level pant refined over many generations, the CCM Axis Pro Senior is an all-around protective and mobile pant and a favorite among goalies of all skill levels.

The CCM Axis Pro Senior goalie pants are a great pick for goalies of any skill level.  The Axis series of pants offer great protection yet the mobility to get around the crease with ease.  The Axis pro pants are constructed of pro-level materials to stand up to the toughest of shots.  As a favorite among goalies of all skill levels, the Axis Pro pants are the perfect pick for this year’s gift guide.

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18. Blue Sports Deluxe Sliding Board

The Blue Sports Deluxe Sliding Board is designed to give goalies the opportunity to refine their skills off the ice.

Designed to help improve lateral and butterfly movements, the Blue Sports Deluxe Sliding Board is a great addition to any serious goalie’s arsenal of training tools.  Perfect butterfly movements and lateral skate movements with this sliding board that is able to be rolled up and packed away!

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19. Hockey Goalie Helmet Hardware and Kits

Replacement helmet hardware and kits make for a great practical stocking stuffer!

Keep your goalie safe with a refreshed goalie mask.  Goalie mask hardware gets damaged and corroded over time and new hardware will ensure the cage and strapping system remains protective and secure through a full game.  GoalieMonkey offers replacement hardware kits for all the major brands of mask manufacturers.

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20. E-Gift Card

Want to get your goalie something special, but not sure what size or model to get?  Let them choose with a E-Gift Card!  Able to be used on any item on, a gift card is the perfect way to be sure your goalie has exactly what they need!

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This article was originally published on November 18, 2021, and has been updated with new information.