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When we imagine a highlight-reel goalie save, chances are it’s a glove save.  The goalie’s glove is an integral part of the position, one that has many different functions.  Not only does it catch the puck, but it also serves as additional blocking surface, a way to “freeze” the puck from play, and serves as the goalie’s second stick hand when playing the puck.  In this article we’ll get right down to it and cover 2023’s best goalie catch gloves.  To see all the options, don’t forget to check out our full selection of hockey goalie gloves.

In this article, we’ll cover:

List of the Best Hockey Goalie Gloves

Here’s our picks for the top goalie catch gloves for 2023.  Remember, no matter who you are shopping for, each of these models of gloves are available in a full line of Junior, Intermediate, and Pro sized gear, as well as specific price point models depending on your budget and level of play.  The general design and features of each model will appear throughout the entire model line.

1Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Goalie GloveBauer Supreme M5 Pro Goalie GloveBuy Now
2Warrior Ritual G6 E+ Goalie GloveWarrior Ritual G6 E+ Goalie GloveBuy Now
3Bauer Vapor HyperLite Pro Goalie GloveBauer Vapor HyperLite Pro Goalie GloveBuy Now
4CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Goalie GloveCCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Goalie GloveBuy Now
5CCM Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Goalie GloveCCM Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Goalie GloveBuy Now
6CCM Axis 2 Pro Goalie GloveCCM Axis 2 Pro Goalie GloveBuy Now

Overview: With a surprising pick at number 1, the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro glove has an extremely comfortable liner, wide open pocket and solid closure to make all goalies happy. Since the inception of the Supreme line, goalies of all age levels have enjoyed catching pucks with it.  For the liner, the M5 Pro features a Catchgrip+ palm to provide easy closure throughout usage.  On the palm, Bauer has included CURV Composite and Rebound Control Foam for superior protection.  Bringing it all together, the M5 Pro has a 75 degree style catch which puts the pocket between the thumb and pointer finger. If you are a fan of catching a lot of pucks and making crisp passes, the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro is great for all goalies. 

Key Features:

  • Catchgrip+ Palm
  • CURV Composite and Rebound Control Foam in the palm
  • 75 Degree style catching angle

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Overview: Warrior has continued to build on the success of their Ritual line and brought out the G6 E+ Senior goalie glove.  Warrior has not sacrificed out of the box closure on the G6.  A deep Single T presents a lot of lace to the shooter, making it a black hole for catching pucks.  Like previous models, the G6 E+ features a  removable palm that allows the goalie to find their perfect fit based on their hand size.  Throughout the life of the glove, you can also wash and replace the liner to keep the G6 glove feeling new.  Beyond all of that, the G6 comes with CoverEDGE+ that is a technology to put the glove closer to the puck, to present target to the shooter.  Putting all of these features together, the G6 E+ has a lightweight feel, great durability and great out of the box close for all goalies to fall in love with.

Key Features:

  • Deep Single T Pocket
  • Fully Removable Palm
  • CoverEDGE+ Technology

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Overview: The Bauer Hyperlite continues the trajectory of innovation that has made Bauer gear so popular.  The Vapor Hyperlite goalie glove is packed full of advanced technology, from the Poron and CURV composite in the palm and backhand, to the CatchGrip material internally for greater control.  Like the Vapor 2X Pro glove, the Vapor Hyperlite features an open, 60 degree style break and a double T pocket to ensure pucks stay in the glove.  For the goalie looking for the latest in glove innovation, the Vapor Hyperlite is the way to go.

Key Features:

  • Poron foam and Curv Composite protection
  • CatchGrip material internally
  • Double T pocket

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Overview: Building on the tradition and success of the Extreme Flex line of gloves, the CCM E-Flex 5 keeps the updates simple with new graphics and an updated strapping system.  Unlike other brands, the E-Flex glove is offered at GoalieMonkey exclusively in multiple break models and palm reinforcement.  GoalieMonkey offers the ‘580’, ‘590’, and a ‘600’ style breaks, as well as three palm protection options of ‘Game Ready’, ‘Pro Palm’ and ‘Practice’ palm.  Goalies who have used the E-Flex line of gloves will feel the familiarity of the natural ‘600’ break and large, deep pocket for a “baseball glove” type feel.  The palms are reinforced with D3O cross linked foam for exceptional protection and finished in CCM’s proprietary SpeedSkin material for lightweight durability

Key Features:

  • GoalieMonkey exclusive break and palm options (580, 590, 600)
  • D3O crosslinked palm protection
  • SpeedSkin exterior

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Overview: Vaughn has developed a cult following for providing gloves that have a natural closure with the full hand and the SLR3 is no exception.  With a solid cuff and open pocket, the SLR3 has great protection and coverage.  The wide open pocket swallows pucks and has plenty of protection in the palm as well.  If you like to close the glove with the full hand, the SLR3 Pro is the glove for you.

Key Features:

  • Solid Cuff
  • Wider and extra deep pocket
  • Natural hand closure

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Overview: CCM has reinvented the 60-degree angle with the release of the 591 break on the Axis 2 glove.  With the LITECORE injection molded cuff, CCM has given goalies high level protection in a unique shape.  Internally, the Axis 2 Pro has an entirely redone palm section where finger stalls are a thing of the past.  Now, CCM’s Cross Form Strap allows for goalies to customize their hand placement to close the glove as they prefer.  On the back, the Axis 2 uses FlexMotion2 padding which creates a backhand that enhances closure.   The CCM Axis 2 feels like it is from the future, but these new advancements help catch pucks now.

Key Features:

  • LITECORE injection molded cuff
  • CrossForm Strap across the fingers
  • FlexMotion2 Backhand for enhanced closure

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How to Choose the Right Size Goalie Glove

Choosing the right size of goalie glove is important so that the goalie has full control over his/her movements in net.  A goalie glove should fit snug across the backhand and fingers should reach near the end of the finger stalls.  Goalie gloves come in 3 main sizes: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior.  Custom Senior gloves often have the option of a smaller palm for a tailored fit. 

Gloves come in a variety of styles of closure feel some gloves will have the break (or crease where the glove folds) over the palm, while others will be nearer to the fingers.  Some gloves have more of a flat overall surface for blocking pucks, while others have a deeper, curved for directing pucks into the pocket.  For a complete guide to sizing goalie gloves, check out our comprehensive Goalie Catch Glove Buying Guide

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Best Goalie Gloves by Category

Goalies often are most particular about their glove when purchasing equipment.  The different styles and feels of each model can play a factor when selecting the right glove.  While no one glove is right for everyone, we’ve picked a few of our favorites:

Best Youth Goalie Glove

Bauer GSX Prodigy:  Bauer continues to impress with their youth Prodigy line of gear for one reason: simplicity.  New goalies can learn the tools of the trade through their easy to wear gear with limited strapping and light weight.  Just the right features for the young goalie.

Best Goalie Glove for Catching

True L12.2 Pro Goalie Glove:  For the goalie looking for the closest glove to a baseball mitt, the True L12.2 is it.  Featuring the 600 model break, this glove folds near the fingers with a long, deep pocket for exceptional catching ability.

Lightest Goalie Glove

Warrior Ritual G6 E+: It's no surprise Warrior is making some of the lightest gear on the market.  Featuring a bindingless construction, the Ritual G6 E+ glove is simple enough for the task at hand, yet cuts down on weight unlike any other glove.

Best Budget Goalie Glove

CCM Extreme Flex E5.5 Goalie Glove: Like the Pro model of the E-Flex 5, the E5.5 features the same easy-to-catch ‘600’ model break and great feel at a budget friendly price.

Most Comfortable Goalie Glove

Brian’s Optik 3 Pro Goalie Glove: Built by goalies for goalies, Brian’s is on top of their game with comfort in their gloves.  The attention to detail and the use of premium materials (Hex Air cuff, MSH3 liner), makes for an exceptionally comfortable ‘pillow-like’ glove.

Best Goalie Glove Brands

GoalieMonkey is the go-to retailer for all the best goalie catch glove brands.  We ensure the latest gear is available to you, so you can play your best.  GoalieMonkey carries the full range of all the major manufacturers, including a wide variety of GoalieMonkey exclusive color combinations and feature offerings,, so you can look and play your best out on the rink.

Bauer Goalie Gloves 

Bauer has taken the latest in material technology and applied it to both their Supreme and Vapor lines of goalie catch gloves, bringing sleek design to the forefront of their offerings..  Features are focused on reducing weight of the glove and agility of the goalie in net.  The Supreme and Vapor lines offer two distinct style gloves to suit any goalie’s needs. 

True Goalie Gloves

True is powered by goalie equipment designer Lefebvre, renowned for his breakthrough designs in the early 2000s that took the position of goalie to new levels.  The extensive use of the 590 model break (origins from the Koho 590 glove) and the 600 model break in many other company’s model lineups are a testament to the popularity of the Lefevre design.  Now under the True name with sleek graphics and Canadian-made craftsmanship, the True goalie gloves are already an overwhelming success across the NHL. 

Brian’s Goalie Gloves

Brian’s equipment is defined by a legacy of creating high quality gear with generations of refinement that has translated into gear with an incredible attention to detail. In both their mid-level and pro line of gloves, Brian’s attention to design and material detail set them apart from the rest.  Brian’s has cemented its success through the use of Hex Air cuff padding and the extensive use of the revolutionary BOA Fit System

CCM Goalie Gloves

CCM continues its reputation of being a premier equipment manufacturer with its Axis and Extreme Flex series of gear.  The Extreme Flex glove retains the 600 angle break it introduced 5 generations ago while the Axis line is based around the legendary 590 angle break.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with a CCM glove.  

Vaughn Goalie Gloves

Vaughn has been a mainstay in the goalie equipment world for many years, focusing strictly on goalie equipment rather than branching off to skater’s gear.  Vaughn has found success in it’s Velocity XP Pro line of gloves, with a similar feel to the Lefevre 590 break and the use of Vaughn’s legacy materials. 

Warrior Goalie Gloves

Warrior made a big statement when they entered the Goalie equipment scene in the early 2010’s.  Led by legendary equipment designer Pete Smith, Warrior gloves quickly became the hottest on the market with the revolutionary interchangeable palm and break system.  The Ritual line continues to be a popular option for its light weight and advanced features.

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