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Learn About Hockey Senior Goalie Sticks

Senior goalie sticks are designed for adult players, typically over the age of 14, who require a larger, more robust stick for competitive play. These sticks are available in various materials, including advanced composites and traditional wood, to cater to different preferences and playing styles. The sizing of senior sticks is critical, as it must correlate with the goalie’s height and arm reach. Composite materials provide a lighter, more durable option with a longer lifespan, while wood sticks offer a classic feel and good puck absorption. 

Finding the Right Senior Goalie Stick For You

Choosing the right senior goalie stick is a balance of assessing your height, playing style, and preferences for weight, balance, and stick flex. Flex, or the amount of bend in the stick, should match your playing style and physicality. The stick should complement your stance for optimal movement and puck control. Look for a stick that enhances your ability to make saves and handle the puck efficiently. 

How to Size Senior Goalie Sticks

Sizing a senior hockey goalie stick correctly is pivotal for effective gameplay. The key factor is the paddle length, which must align with the goalie’s height and stance. A properly sized stick allows the blade to rest flat on the ice and the blocker to align with the leg pad without overlapping. The curve of the blade, where it begins, and its orientation (mid, heel, open, or closed) significantly impact handling and control. When testing stick sizes, wearing goalie skates is recommended to mimic actual playing conditions and ensure an accurate fit.

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Senior Hockey Goalie Stick Size Chart

Senior Hockey Goalie Stick Size Chart
Age GroupHeightStick Length
Senior (14+)5'5" - 5'10"57" - 61"
Senior (14+)5'7" - 6'1"58 - 62"
Senior (14+)5'10" - 6'4"60" - 63"
Senior (14+)6'1" +60" - 63"

Senior Goalie Stick FAQs

What are the advantages of composite versus wood senior goalie sticks?

Composite sticks are preferred for their light weight and durability, offering better vibration dampening, making them ideal for modern play. Wood sticks, on the other hand, provide a traditional feel and excellent puck absorption, favored by some for their handling characteristics.

How do I determine the correct flex for my senior goalie stick?

The right stick flex depends on your weight, height, and playing style. A softer flex facilitates easier puck handling and quicker shots, while a stiffer flex provides more power and accuracy. It’s important to experiment with different flex levels to find what best suits your style.

What should I consider when selecting the curve of my senior goalie stick?

The curve of the blade affects puck control and shooting. Consider where the curve begins (mid or heel) and the face orientation of the blade (open or closed). Your choice should enhance your puck-handling abilities and complement your playing style.

How often should a senior goalie stick be replaced?

Replace your stick when it shows significant wear, such as cracks or chips. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and proper storage, can prolong its lifespan. Regular inspections are crucial for maintaining performance and ensuring safety.

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