Youth Goalie Sticks

Learn About Youth Goalie Sticks

Youth goalie sticks are specifically designed for aspiring young goaltenders, typically aged under 12. These sticks are smaller and lighter than junior and senior sizes, making them ideal for beginners or smaller children just starting in the sport. Constructed from materials like wood or lighter composites, they provide the necessary balance and ease of handling for young players. The choice of material influences the stick’s weight, durability, and flexibility. 

Finding the Right Youth Goalie Stick

Selecting the appropriate youth goalie stick involves considering the young player’s height, strength, and developing playing style. The stick should be light enough for easy handling yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of play. It should also be appropriately sized to ensure it fits comfortably, allowing for proper technique development.  

How to Size Youth Goalie Sticks

Proper sizing of a youth hockey goalie stick is crucial for the young player’s comfort and performance. These sticks are designed to fit the smaller stature and arm length of children under 12 years of age. The right stick should allow the child to maintain a proper goaltending stance, with the blade resting flat on the ice and the stick's handle fitting comfortably in their hand.

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Youth Hockey Goalie Stick Size Chart

Youth Hockey Goalie Stick Size Chart
Age GroupHeightStick Length
Youth (3-5)3'0" - 3'10"38" - 44"
Youth (6-8)3'10" - 4'8"45" - 49"

Youth Goalie Stick FAQs

What should I consider when choosing a youth goalie stick?

Focus on the stick’s size, weight, and material. Ensure it is light enough for the young player to handle comfortably and sized correctly for their height and arm length.

Are composite materials appropriate for youth goalie sticks?

Yes, composite materials are often ideal for youth sticks as they offer a lighter weight, making the stick easier to handle for young goalies, while also providing durability.

Can a youth goalie stick be used in both ice and street hockey?

While some youth goalie sticks can be versatile, it’s important to choose a stick designed for the specific type of hockey being played. Ice hockey sticks may not be durable enough for street surfaces.

How often should a youth goalie stick be replaced?

Youth goalie sticks should be replaced when they show significant signs of wear or damage. Regular maintenance, including checking for cracks or splinters and ensuring the tape is secure, can extend the stick's lifespan and ensure safety during play.

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