CCM Revolution 599 Leg Pads: An Exclusive Overview

For the last 10 years, GoalieMonkey has been proud to bring out Koho inspired gear for goaltenders that grew up with that brand. Now, the Koho lineage has morphed into CCM branded gear, however the root design and heritage is still continued.

Within the same root design and heritage, CCM goalie has grown into one of the most popular brands amongst NHL and pro goaltenders alike. A lot of the reasons why Professional goaltenders prefer the CCM brand include core consistency, stopping power and specific specs for a specific style of play. When working with CCM on releasing this line, we let those key points drive our design and brought out the ultimate combination of specs.

Throughout the below article, we will use certain images to showcase differences between the ExtremeFlex3 pad, Revolution 599 pad and the newest ExtemeFlex4 pad. We believe that this outline of pointing out the knee strapping, leg channel and boot channel differences will further help the goalie figure out the right CCM pad for their game.

Starting with the EF3 pad, the knee channel was redone in a different way than previous ExtremeFlex or Premier pads. The knee channel spec was named the “Recessed Foam with Removable Knee Cradle Wrap”. This was the first pad with the padding removed on the back of the knee section, ultimately giving the goaltender more room for their knee pads and it even allowed for the pad to sit tighter against the knee and body. Next, the outer flap was laced in to be fully removable in case the goalie wanted to run their knee Velcro down to the calf wrap.

Next, the Revolution 599 pad was designed in the same style as the EF3, however we wanted to keep some of the “older” feel of the Koho line and keep the foam at the back of the knee channel. This area was covered in a specific nylon material which provides smooth rotation; even though it may take up a little more volume in the knee. However, the outer knee wrap is not removable, but it is custom cut and designed to be smaller. This smaller outer knee attachment allows for better rotation and less material interference for those who still strap behind the knee.

Last, the EF4 pad capitalizes on the EF3 Removable Knee Cradle Wrap, but provides an easier and quicker attachment with an elastic attachment point. This new attachment point moves with the goaltenders leg, yet can be entirely taken off in seconds. The exact size of the outer knee wrap is almost identical in size to the piece on the Revolution 599, so you can almost say that it is a combination of all models!

Moving to the leg channel, there is where you will find some unique spec differences between all three models! Starting with the EF3, the leg channel features the “Tight Fit – 1 Calf Strap” setup. This has a specific fit on the goaltenders leg where it provides a complete wrap and even extends down the leg towards the skate. There are also key cuts and breaks in the foam to make this wrap even more.

On the Revolution 599, there is a unique spin on the leg channel where we have gone with the “Super Tight Fit – 1 Calf Strap”. Now, some might think that this is just a tighter version of the EF3 and while they are not entirely wrong, there are more additives to the Super Tight Fit, which is why it is super popular amongst NHL’ers. There are 2 inner pieces which sit snug on top of the goalies leg which is then encapsulated in a similar out wrap to the EF3, but there are some new Velcro patches if you choose to put your knee strap there. The biggest advantage to the 599 leg channel is the removed inner calf wrap which extends to the boot. While this reduces weight, it also allows the goalies skate to engage with the better and faster hence why this is preferred amongst NHL’ers.

Rounding out the CCM line, the EF4 features a “Tight Fit – No Calf Strap” setup which seems similar to the EF3 and 599, but CCM has made some slight changes! The name is the same, but there is a new shape to the Tight Fit calf wrap which is shorter than the previous versions. While there is no outer calf strap, there is now an internal calf strap which sits just above the calf muscle. Lastly, there is a solid outer webbing strap which pulls the entire calf wrap tight to the leg without the weight/bulk of adding straps.

If we had to pick a favorite… it would be nearly impossible! We find that every single model of CCM pad caters to a specific style of goalie, but we hope this outline helps you figure out which is right for your style! Still having questions? Our GoalieMonkey customer service team is available to help you get to the right pad! Check out our lineup of full CCM leg pads here!


This article was originally published on May 29, 2020, and has been updated with new information.