The Outer Roll Episode 5: Spencer Freer (Bauer Goalie)

We had a very insightful interview with Spencer Freer, Product Manager for Bauer Goalie who gave us the inside scoop on all the upcoming products from Bauer this year!

MonkeySports’ Graisen Eatchel and Jason Felts get right into the action giving some insight into where the name and logo for “The Outer Roll” originated before hopping into the interview with Spencer Freer from Bauer Goalie. (7:33) The gang immediately hops into Spencer’s career and how he ended up in hockey and more specifically with Bauer then hops into stories about the excitement that comes with hockey gear. (23:20) They then get into Bauer’s brand new UltraSonic and GSX lines and take a deep dive into what Bauer was thinking during the development of these lines as well as a behind the scenes look as to how a Bauer pad is created. Be sure to use promo code Podcast10 on your next order at for 10% off your entire order!