The Outer Roll Episode 4: Alex Rigsby Cavallini

We had an absolutely fantastic interview with Alex Rigsby Cavallini this past week and we can’t wait until you hear it! Tons of interesting stories from her career are through this interview and we had a blast making this one for you guy!

MonkeySports’ Graisen Eatchel and Jason Felts get into a few quick updates before hopping in to the interview with Alex Rigsby Cavallini (3:47). They hop around a ton of different topics starting off with a little Olympic talk with the news of a year delay on the 2020 Summer Olympics and some quarantine talk. (8:28) Alex Rigsby Cavallini then speaks on her time as a Wisconsin Badger and into the NHL All-Star game. (11:37) She then talks about how the PWHPA formed after her time with the Calgary Inferno of the CWHL and receiving the news that her league had collapsed on the way to the 2019 World Championships. (17:08) They then circle back to Alex Cavallini’s early years as a goaltender and how her relationships with different teammates such as Kendall Coyne Schofield and Brianna Decker developed over the years from young teammates into Olympic Gold Medalists. (30:28) She then circles back into the 2018 Olympics and tells about her experiences on the way to the Gold Medal. (34:26) They then finish up by talking about the 2019 Gold Medal World Championships in Finland, telling her side of one of the craziest games in recent history.

Thank you again to Alex Rigsby Cavallini for coming on to the Outer Roll Podcast for a very exciting episode. We will back at you with another episode next month so stay tuned!